Melissa Melough

Graduate Student, Nutritional Sciences / CAHNR (Affiliate)

Research Overview

I am a registered dietitian currently working towards a PhD in Nutritional Sciences. In my current research I use epidemiology in combination with analytical chemistry to address complex questions related to nutrition and health. My primary research focuses on a class of organic compounds known as furocoumarins, found in several common plant foods including grapefruit. While these compounds are most well known because of their interaction with certain pharmaceutical drugs, they can influence many other aspects of health. In addition to measuring furocoumarin concentrations in foods and quantifying their intake in the population, I am investigating the effects of furocoumarin consumption on health outcomes, especially in relation to skin cancer risk. Before beginning graduate studies at the University of Connecticut, I worked as a research dietitian at Johns Hopkins University, where I collaborated with researchers on a wide variety of projects. One of my primary focuses while at Johns Hopkins was investigating the effects of phosphorus-based food additives on kidney function.


BS in Nutritional Sciences, 2011, Cornell University

Featured Publications

Chang AR, Miller ER, Anderson CA, Juraschek SP, Moser M, White K, Henry B, Krekel C, Oh S, Charleston J, Appel LJ. Phosphorus Additives and Albuminuria in Early Stages of CKD: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Am J Kidney Dis. 2016; In Press.

Moser M, Chun OC. Vitamin C and Heart Health: A Review Based on Findings from Epidemiologic Studies. Int J Mol Sci. 2016; 17(8): E1328.

Moser M, White K, Henry B, Oh S, Miller ER, Anderson CA, Benjamin J, Charleston J, Appel LJ, Chang AR. Phosphorus content of popular beverages. AJKD. 2015; 65(6): 969-971.

Liskov E, Mastroianni L, Moser M. Group Nutrition Counseling Is More Efficient and Equally Effective as Individual Counseling in Promoting Weight Loss Prior to Bariatric Surgery. J Acad Nutr Diet. 2012; 112: A11.

Contact Information
Mailing Address3624 Horsebarn Hill Road
Storrs, CT 06269
Office LocationJones Building, Room 214