Mckenzie White

Graduate Student

Department of Kinesiology

Research Interests

My research interests are in biomechanics, neuromuscular control, cartilage regeneration, and the effect of OA on biomechanics/neuromuscular control. I am going to be working in the ABL lab looking at ACL tears, biomechanics, muscle composition. Also, in the human performance lab for subject’s with ACL injury testing.
I worked on a gait analysis case study investigating lower extremity asymmetry incorporating kinematics/kinetics, anthropometric measures, GRF during BW squat.

I hope to build the relationship between biomechanics and neuromuscular control to facilitate with injury prevention, diagnosis, rehabilitation, athletic performance, and pre-operative planning.


Bachelor’s of Business Adminstration 2016
Master’s of Biomedical Engineering 2018

Recent Publications

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