Matthew Hughey, PhD

Associate Professor, Sociology (Affiliate)

Research Overview

First, the general topics in which I am interested, relates to the relationship between racial inequality and collective understandings of race through empirical examinations of (1) white racial identity; (2) racialized organizations; (3) mass media; (4) political engagements; (5) science and technology, and; (6) public advocacy with racism and discrimination. Second, through InCHIP I hope to compare and contrast how African Americans and Black immigrants identify racial microaggressions or have developed coping mechanisms to deal with their deleterious consequences, and then to engage in a holistic approach to examine the impact of racial microaggressions on African American and Black immigrant health from historical, social, physical, and psychological points of views. Third, I have engaged in ethnographic, in-depth interviewing, content analysis, audit studies, and historical projects while at UCONN, resulting in several published articles and books. Fourth, I hold expertise in identifying and analyzing bias, discrimination, and racism on the micro- and meso-levels, and I am well versed in an array of qualitative methodology, inclusive of in-depth interviewing, content analysis, and audit studies of microaggressions.


University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, USA
2009, Doctor of Philosophy, Sociology

Ohio University, Athens, OH, USA
2002, Master of Education, Cultural Studies
2002, Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study, Women’s Studies

University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, NC, USA
1999, Bachelor of Arts, Sociology

Recent Publications

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Mailing AddressSociology Department
344 Mansfield Road
Unit 1068
Storrs, CT 06269