Mastaneh Sharafi

Graduate Student, Nutritional Sciences (Affiliate)

Research Overview

I am interested in taste, dietary preferences and eating behaviors and their relations to obesity and chronic disease. My current projects are focused on obesity interventions as well as developing a new tool to assess diet quality via individuals reported liking of food. I plan to work on issues related to obesity at InCHIP. My past projects were related to the roles of taste and reported liking on vegetable consumption and adiposity; and children’s behavioral responses to increasing food portion size and the effect of weight as moderator of this association.


2010 to now
PhD student, Nutritional Science-University of Connecticut
2012 to now
Dietetic student, Coordinate Program-University of Connecticut
2007 to 2010
Masters of Science, Nutritional Science- Pennsylvania State University
2001 to 2005
Bachelor of Science, Nutritional Science- Shaheed Beheshti University, Iran

Featured Publications

Sharafi, M., Hayes, J.E. Duffy, V.B. (2013). Masking Vegetable Bitterness to Improve Palatability Depends on Vegetable Type and Taste Phenotype. Chem Percept, 6(1): 8-19.

Harrington, H.L., Kennedy, K.E., Sharafi, M., Hayes, J.E. Duffy, V.B. (2012). Otitis media exposure associates with dietary preference and adiposity: A community-based observational study of at-risk preschoolers. Physiology and Behavior, 106(2): 264-71.

Sharafi, M., Duffy, V.B., Miller, R.J., Winchester, S.B., Sullivan, M.C., Huedo-Medina, T.B. (2013). Development of Healthy Eating Preference Index: Evidence of Content and Predictive Validity. [abstract]. NESS, Storrs, CT. , 59-60.

Sharafi, M., Duffy, V.B., Miller, R.J., Winchester, S.B., Sullivan, M.C. (2013). Do dietary behaviors of adult preterms explain some of the elevated future risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD)? [abstract]. FASEB J. 27, 1067.6

Park, J., Rawal, S., Brand, M.H., Durocher, S., Sharafi, M., Duffy, V.B.. (2013). Aronia berry juice sensory analysis by harvest time and oral sensory phenotype. [abstract]. Achems, Huntington Beach, CA. 34.

Christopher, B., Sharafi, M., Duffy, V.B. (2013). Associations between Diet Quality and Adiposity Among Preschoolers from Low Socioeconomic Status. [abtract]. Frontiers poster exhibition,Storrs, CT.10.

Sharafi, M., Duffy, V.B., Miller, R.J., Winchester, S.B., Fogel, A., Sullivan, M.C. (2012). Differences in Food Preferences and Dietary Restraint between Young Adult Preterms vs. Controls May Parallel Future CVD Risk.[abstract]. JAND. 12(9): SA25.

Sharafi, M., Harrington, H.L., Duffy, V.B. (2011). Is There a Link Between Otitis Media, Liking for Fat/Sugar Foods, and Obesity Among At-Risk Preschoolers? [abstract]. Achems, ST. Pete Beach, Florida; 43.

Sharafi M.(2010). Behavioral Responses to Portion Size Are Moderated by Children’s Weight Status. (Masters thesis). Retrieved from

Sharafi M., Fisher, J.O., Birch, L.L. (2009). Behavioral Responses to Portion Size Are Moderated by Children’s Weight Status. [abstract]. Obesity, Washington, DC;17:S91.

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Contact Information
Mailing AddressDepartment of Nutritional Sciences
358 Mansfield Road, Unit 1101
Storrs, CT 06269-1101