Mary Crawford, PhD

Professor Emerita, Psychology (Affiliate)

Research Overview

Dr. Mary Crawford is a professor of psychology and former director of the women’s studies program at the University of Connecticut. Her research ranges widely across gender-related topics, with a particular focus on the social psychology of dyadic interaction. She explores perceptions of assertive speech, speech stereotypes by race and gender, and how expectations about speech style influence both perceptions of talk and actual speech characteristics.

Dr. Crawford’s communication research extends to sexual communication, with the goal of designing health interventions (such as HIV-risk reduction) based on realistic knowledge about how sexual communication takes place and how it is constrained by social roles. In collaboration with InCHIP researcher Dr. Seth Kalichman, Ph.D., she has helped to develop interventions for South African men at risk for perpetrating violence against sexual partners. With Dr. Kerry Marsh, Ph.D., she is using immersive virtual reality technology to examine how individuals negotiate with partners in sexually risky situations.

Dr. Crawford is also an advocate for innovative research methods that acknowledge the social and interactional context of psychological inquiry. Her co-edited volume Innovative Methods for Feminist Psychological Research received the Distinguished Publication Award from the Association for Women in Psychology. During the 2004-2005 academic year, she was a Fulbright Senior Scholar based in Kathmandu, Nepal, where her research focused on the trafficking of young girls and women from Nepal to India for sex work. Dr. Crawford’s goal is to help Nepali organizations improve methods for evaluating the effects of anti-trafficking interventions.


Ph.D., University of Delaware, 1975 (experimental psychology)
M.A., University of Delaware, 1972 (experimental psychology)
B.S., West Chester State College, 1963 (music education)

Featured Publications

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