Marijn de Bruin, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam (Affiliate)

Research Overview

Meta-analyses of behavior change interventions; Meta-analytic methodology; the role of variability in care provided to control groups; Quality of intervention descriptions in published articles; Systematic design of behavior change interventions; Randomized controlled trials to support treatment adherence; Cost-effectiveness analyses of adherence supporting interventions; Determinants and measurement of HAART adherence; Interventions to reduce HIV-stigma; Social-cognitive and environmental determinants of dietary and exercise behavior. Most work is done in the field of HIV/AIDS and Marijn is collaborating with InCHIP as a member of SHARP on HIV-prevention meta-analysis, meta-analysis methodology and seeking funding for future treatment adherence meta-analyses.


Marijn studied Health Sciences, with a specialization in Health Promotion & Health Education/Public Health. He completed his PhD at the section Work & Social Psychology, both at Maastricht University, the Netherlands.

Recent Publications

Contact Information
Phone+31 20 525 6175