Margaret Briggs-Gowan, PhD (Affiliate)

Associate Professor, Psychiatry (Affiliate)

Research Overview

I am a developmental psychologist with specific interests in the development of psychopathology beginning in early childhood. (1) I am interested in topics pertaining to normal and abnormal development, particularly biobehavioral indicators of risk for maladaptive outcomes, as well as family factors that buffer the impact of stress on these systems (e.g., responsive parenting). (2) My current research investigating early indicators of risk in young children exposed to violence can ultimately be used to inform efforts at early identification and intervention. (3) Since joining UConn in 2006, I have been involved in many different NIH and Foundation studies all aimed at understanding the mental health of young children towards improving long term outcomes. These have included studies on early screening and intervention in primary care, epidemiological studies to demonstrate mental health problems in young children, and intensive lab based studies of young children from high risk environments. My research is further rounded out by my role as program evaluator of a family-based intervention for high risk families with young children, Child FIRST.


Ph.D., Yale University 1996
MS, Yale University 1992
MPhil, Yale University 1991

Recent Publications


1. Briggs-Gowan MJ, Carter AS. Social-emotional screening status in early childhood predicts elementary school outcomes. Pediatrics. 2008;121(5):957-962. PMCID: PMC3088107
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