Margaret Bennett

Graduate Student, Communication (Affiliate)

Research Overview

I am interested in topics about safe sex and sexual communication. I am also interested in mental health and how mental health, either good or poor, can affect romantic relationships. In future projects, I would like to look at how unplanned pregnancies are handled between romantic partners. Specifically, what type of communication is most often used by each partner as well as what type of communication style is best for this sensitive situation. During my master’s coursework, I was able to assist in teaching a course on media and health communication. This course inspired me to look at how consumption of reality dating shows could be related to risky sexual behavior such as one-night stands and little to no condom use. I have heard wonderful things about InCHIP, especially the lecture series and would love to be able to receive emails and attend events related to my area of interest.


B.A.- 2013- Truman State University- Communication, Public Communication

M.A.- 2015- University of Missouri- St. Louis – Communication

Contact Information