Marcie Berman

Research Associate


Institute for Community Research: Health Disparities

Research Interests

I am currently a mixed-method researcher at the Institute for Community Research, focused on health disparities, HIV, and LGBTQ+ access to healthcare. I would be interested in other research professionals’ input regarding research interests and collaboration.


PhD, University of Missouri Kansas City, 2016

Recent Publications

Berman, M., Demidont, A., & Weeks, M. (submitted). Acceptability and feasibility of incorporating transgender affirming education into medical school curricula. Journal of Homosexuality.

Berman, M., Berkley-Patton, J., Bowe-Thompson, C., Bauer, A., & Stortz, S. (submitted). Religiosity and engagement in HIV care among African American people living with HIV. Journal of Religion and Health.

Berkley-Patton, J. Y., Thompson, C. B., Moore, E., Hawes, S., Berman, M., Allsworth, J., … & Catley, D. (2019). Feasibility and outcomes of an HIV testing intervention in African American churches. AIDS and Behavior, 23(1), 76-90.

Green, H. D., Weeks, M. R., Berman, M., Mosher, H. I., Abbott, M., & Garcia, N. (2018). Managing the risk of intimacy: accounts of disclosure and responsiveness among people with HIV and intimate partners of people with HIV. Culture, Health & Sexuality, 20(10), 1117-1129.

Berman, M., Bozsik, F., Shook, R., Meissen-Sebelius, E., Markenson, D., Summar, S., DeWit, E., & Carlson, J. (2018). Evaluation of the Healthy Lifestyles Initiative for improving community capacity for childhood obesity prevention. Preventing Chronic Disease, 15.

Bozsik, F., Berman, M., Shook, R.P., Summar, S., DeWit, E., & Carlson, J.A. (2018). Implementation contextual factors related to youth advocacy for healthy eating and active living. Translational Behavioral Medicine.

Berkley-Patton, J., Thompson, C. B., Bradley-Ewing, A., Berman, M., Bauer, A., Catley, D., … & Aduloju-Ajijola, N. (2017). Identifying health conditions, priorities, and relevant multilevel health promotion intervention strategies in African American churches: A faith community health needs assessment. Evaluation and Program Planning, 67, 19.

Weeks, M. R., Li, J., Lounsbury, D., Green, H. D., Abbott, M., Berman, M., … & Mosher, H. (2017). Using participatory system dynamics modeling to examine the local HIV test and treatment care continuum in order to reduce community viral load. American Journal of Community Psychology.

Bauer, A. G., Berkley-Patton, J., Bowe-Thompson, C., Ruhland-Petty, T., Berman, M., Lister, S., & Christensen, K. (2017). BMI and body image beliefs positively predict motivation and confidence to lose weight among a church-affiliated African American female population. Preventing Chronic Disease, 14.

Berman, M., Berkley-Patton, J., Bowe Thompson, C., Booker, A., & Bradley-Ewing, A. (2017). Exploring HIV risk and ex-offender status among African American church populations: Considerations for faith-based settings. The Journal of Correctional Healthcare, 23(2), 230-242.

Berkley-Patton, J., Bowe Thompson, C., Moore, E., Hawes, S., Simon, S., Goggin, K., Martinez, D., Berman, M., & Booker, A. (2016). An HIV testing intervention in African American churches: pilot study findings. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 50(3), 480.

Moore, E., Berkley-Patton, J., Berman, M., Burleson, C., & Judah, A. (2016). Physical health screenings among African American church and community members. Journal of Religion and Health, 55(5), 1786-1799.

Berkley-Patton, J., Moore, E., Berman, M., Simon, S., Bowe Thompson, C., & Schleicher, T., Hawes, S.M. (2013). Assessment of HIV stigma in a U.S. faith-based HIV education and screening intervention. Journal of the International AIDS Society. 16(Suppl 2):18644.

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