Lawrence E. Armstrong, PhD

Professor, Kinesiology (Affiliate)

Research Overview

I am presently in my 24th year as a professor in the Human Performance Laboratory. My research specialties include human fluid-electrolyte balance and assessment of hydration status; physiological responses to exercise; dietary interventions (i.e., sport drinks, low salt diets, glucose-electrolyte solutions); heat tolerance; effects of dehydration on performance; physiological responses to wearing uniforms; pharmacologic influences on thermoregulation and heat acclimatization as they apply to athletes, fire fighters, and military personnel. The one theme that ties all of these specialties together is the human response and adaptation to exercise. I have conducted research at several mass participation endurance events such as; Boston Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, Falmouth Road Race, and the Ironman Triathlon World Championship. Additionally, I have made it a career goal to make certain that laboratory and field investigations culminated in publication of peer reviewed journal articles; I have published a total of 180 peer reviewed publications as first author or co-author, dating back to 1983. In recent years, I have completed research studies in the HPL that focused on (a) effects of mild dehydration on cognitive performance and mood in men and women, and (b) hydration status of women across the term of pregnancy and during breast-feeding.


B.Ed. University of Toledo l97l cum laude Major: Biology, comprehensive science

M.Ed. University of Toledo l976 4.00 GPA Major: Curriculum (Science)

Ph.D. Ball State University, Human Performance Laboratory 1983. Received Doctoral Fellowship in Human Bioenergetics. Dissertation topic: Effects of Dietary Sodium Intake on Body and Muscle Potassium Content in Unacclimatized Men During Successive Days of Exercise in the Heat.

Recent Publications

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