Laura Joseph

Graduate Student, Nutritional Sciences (Affiliate)

Research Overview

My main interests revolve around food, the psychology of eating, and eating behaviors. As a graduate student, I am involved in a nutrition education program called, All 4 Kids. We work with preschool-aged children, and assess snack identifications and physical movement skills before and after a comprehensive education program. As an undergraduate student, I was involved with Husky Reads and loved the interaction with children who were so eager to learn. I am interested in factors that influence food choices; mainly, what psychological and behavioral factors play a role in the dietary patterns in our society, and I plan to incorporate some of these influences into my thesis work.


I began my undergraduate studies at Boston College in 2009 and realized that my passion for health and nutrition was too powerful to ignore. In 2010, I began my study of nutrition at the University of Connecticut, and graduated in May 2012 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition.

Contact Information