Laura Haynes, PhD (Affiliate)


Center on Aging

Research Overview

My research focuses on how aging impact the response to infection. I am an immunologist by training but now have been focusing on the broader impact of infection. This is important since aging is the biggest risk factor for developing disabilities following infections such as influenza. Current work is addressing the impact of influenza infection on physical function and skeletal muscle changes. We are also interested in the impact of cellular senescence and related inflammation on the ability to successfully resolve infection. Finally, we are still also focusing on how aging impacts the immune response to influenza infection, including how senescence impacts the ability of CD4 T cells to respond to virus, clear the virus, and restore homeostasis.


PhD University of Rochester School of Medicine, 1992

Recent Publications

1. Keilich, S.R., Lorenzo, E.C., Torrance, B.L., Harrison, A.G., Bartley, J.M., Haynes, L.* (2020) Vaccination mitigates influenza-induced muscular declines in aged mice. Geroscience May 29. doi: 10.1007/s11357-020-00206-z.
2. Masters, A.R., Hall, A., Bartley, J.M., Keilich, S.R., Lorenzo, E.C., Jellison, E.R., Puddington, L., Haynes, L.* (2019) Assessment of lymph node stromal cells as an underlying factor in age-related immune impairment. J. Gerontol. A Biol. Sci. Med. Sci. Oct 4;74(11):1734-1743.
3. Masters, A.R., Jellison, E.R., Puddington, L., Khanna, K.M., Haynes, L.* (2018) Attrition of T cell zone fibroblastic reticular cell number and function in aged spleens. Immunohorizons 2:155-163.
4. Lorenzo, E.C., Bartley, J.M., Haynes, L.* (2018) The impact of aging on CD4+ T cell responses to influenza infection. Biogerontology 19;437-446.
5. Bartley, J.M., Zhou, X., Kuchel, G.A., Weinstock, G.M., Haynes, L.* (2017) Impact of age, caloric restriction, and influenza infection on mouse gut microbiome: an exploratory study of the role of age-related microbiome changes on influenza responses. Front. Immunol. 8; article 1164.
6. Lefebvre, J.S., Masters, A.R., Hopkins, J.W., Haynes, L.* (2016) Age-related impairment of humoral response to influenza is associated with changes in antigen specific T follicular helper cell responses. Scientific Reports 6: article 25051.
7. Lefebvre, J.S., Maue, A.M., Eaton, S.M., Lanthier, P.A., Tighe, M., Haynes, L*. (2012) The aged microenvironment contributes to age-related functional defects of CD4 T cells in mice. Aging Cell, 11:732-40.
8. Haynes, L.*, Swain, S.L. (2012) Age-related shifts in T cell homeostasis lead to intrinsic T cell defects. Semin. Immunol. 24:350-5.

Contact Information
Office Location263 FARMINGTON AVE, MC-1835, Farmington, CT 06030