Kristin Morgan, PhD

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering (Affiliate)

Research Overview

My work focuses on investigating how changes in joint motion and muscle function relate to lower extremity injuries; such as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries and patellofemoral pain. In this research work she employed Nyquist and Bode stability analysis to quantify dynamic knee stability in individuals during walking and single-leg landing tasks to assess how an individuals’ joint biomechanics would respond to a perturbation. She has also used the OpenSim software to develop subject-specific simulations of individuals to assess how their muscles function during the performance of athletic activities. My work will continue to explore unique and innovative methods to detect the onset of joint instability during athletic tasks and assess long term joint health in clinical populations through the use of motion capture analysis and wearable technology.

While I am new to the University of Connecticut, I will seek to identify opportunities to collaborate with other members of the University of Connecticut community to answer health care related questions. To do so will require a team of researchers from different backgrounds and with different skill sets and being a member of InCHIP will help achieve this goal.


BS 2007 Biomedical Engineering Duke University
MS 2009 Biomedical Engineering Virginia Commonwealth University
PhD 2014 Biomedical Engineering University of Tennessee

Contact Information
Mailing AddressArthur B Bronwell 307
260 Glenbrook Road
Storrs, CT 06269-3247
Office LocationArthur B Bronwell, Room 307