Kerri M. Raissian, PhD

Assistant Professor, Public Policy, CLAS (Affiliate)

Research Overview

My research focuses on child and family policy with an emphasis on understanding how policies related to fertility, family formation, and family violence can strengthen families. My research is interdisciplinary and draws on principles from program evaluation, economic demography, and applied microeconomics. In addition to theory, my work is informed by my 10 years of experience working with children and families in the public and non-profit sectors. Some of my past work has found that federal gun control policies are successful in reducing family gun related homicides, that state level health insurance mandates to cover contraception are successful in increasing preventive healthcare take-up, and that macroeconomic conditions, such as employment rates, may serve to increase certain types of child maltreatment. My current projects include estimating how income might effect child maltreatment rates, and in particular, I (along with co-author Lindsey Bullinger at Indiana University) use variation in state and federal minimum wage policy to measure the causal role of income in child maltreatment rates. My future work builds on some of these past projects, and in particular, I am beginning a summation piece to document the state of knowledge as is relates to family violence policy. I am also currently writing a federal grant (with co-author Jessica Su) to re-examine the effects of breastfeeding on child and maternal health. Finally, I hope to expand my work on systems in which children interact to school based initiatives.


BA, 2002, Sociology, Vanderbilt University

MPA, 2008, Public Administration, Syracuse University

PhD, 2013, Public Administration, Syracuse University

Recent Publications

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Mailing AddressUniversity of Connecticut
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