Kelsey Grenus

Graduate Student

UConn Health, MPH Program

Research Overview

1. Topics I am interested in include: health behavior changes, health interventions, chronic disease interventions, lowering rates of obesity, obesity interventions, physical activity, socioeconomic status in relation to obesity, increasing medication adherence, health disparities, and health education.
2. I am not currently working on any projects in InCHIP but I am eager to get involved in any of the current or future research projects. I am starting to being research for my thesis and narrowing down thesis topics which include a few of the topics listed above, specifically obesity and socioeconomic status.
3. Past projects: Undergraduate research assistant at the University of Rhode Island Human Development and Family Studies Department with Dr. Sue Adams. “Anxiety, Emotions and Sleep in College Students: The Sleepy Faces Study”. Presented at the New England Psychological Association Conference, 2019
4. I am interested in becoming CHES certified


Undergraduate: Bachelors of Science Degree in Health Studies, Health Promotion concentration & minor in Psychology. University of Rhode Island, 2020


Contact Information