Katie Newkirk

Postdoctoral Fellow


Connecticut Children's Medical Center: Center for Behavioral Health

Research Interests

I am interested in parents’ and children’s mental health and substance use in the context of family and workplace factors, as well as how they interface with the healthcare system. My goal is to study and develop programs integrating behavioral health into medical care in order to improve prevention and intervention efforts for these populations. At the Center for Behavioral Health, I will be focusing on how parents’ work and parenting are related to adolescents’ and emerging adults’ health behaviors and mental health. Ultimately, I am interested in developing new projects integrating behavioral health supports for parents into pediatric practices, neonatology, and obstetric settings. I developed this interest due to my research background and my clinical experience in integrated behavioral health in primary care with adults and pediatrics, as well as OB/GYN settings. As a graduate student at UMass, I worked on the Work and Family Transitions project, which focuses on parents’ mental health and parenting adjustment during the transition to parenthood. To date, my work has primarily focused on maternal perinatal anxiety and depression as they relate to parents’ division of labor, workplace policies, and family structure. I also have worked at the Psychotherapy Research Lab at UMass engaging in research on clinical interventions, with a focus on the therapeutic relationship in psychotherapy.


Ph.D., UMass-Amherst, 2018

Recent Publications

Perry-Jenkins, M., Newkirk, K., and Ghunney, A. (2013). Family work through time and space: An ecological perspective. Journal of Family Theory and Review, 5, 105 – 123. DOI: 10.111/jftr.12011

Yoon, Y., Newkirk, K., and Perry-Jenkins, M. (2015). Dinner with Dad: Family routines, parenting stress, and child outcomes. Family Relations, 64 (93 – 107). DOI:10.1111/fare.12107

Newkirk, K., Perry-Jenkins, M., and Sayer, A. (2017). Dishes and diapers: The division of labor and marital quality across the transition to parenthood. Sex Roles.76(5), 319-333. DOI: 10.1007/s11199-016-0604-3

Constantino, M. J., Coyne, A. E., Luukko, E. K., Newkirk, K., Bernecker, S. L., Ravitz, P., and McBride, C. (2017). Therapeutic alliance, subsequent change, and moderators of the alliance-outcome association in interpersonal psychotherapy for depression. Psychotherapy, 54(2), 125-135. DOI: 10.1037/pst0000101

Perry-Jenkins, M., Herman, R. J., Halpern, H., and Newkirk, K. (2017). From discovery to practice: Translating and transforming work-family research for the health of families. Family Relations, 66(4). 614-629. DOI: 10.1111/fare.12267

Vîslă, A., Constantino, M. J., Newkirk, K., Ogrodniczuk, J. S., and Söchting, I. (2018). The relation between outcome expectation, therapeutic alliance, and outcome among depressed patients in group cognitive-behavioral therapy. Psychotherapy Research, 18(3), 446-456. DOI: 10.1080/10503307.2016.1218089

Perry-Jenkins, M., Laws, H., Sayer, A., and Newkirk, K. (In Press) Parental Employment and Child Development.

Contact Information
Phone(860) 837-5335
Mailing Address282 Washington Street Hartford, CT 06106 United States