Kate Dibble

Graduate Student, Human Development &

Family Sciences (Affiliate)

Research Overview

I currently research cancer and its relation to individual and familial physical and mental well-being, in association with intervention and preventative measures that are applicable to a specific population. I have conducted mindfulness intervention work in accordance with Connecticut Children’s Medical Center during my M.A. program, and wish to continue such work with Dr. Bellizzi, my advisor. Currently, we are studying how self-reported exercise within a post-menopausal breast cancer survivor population is affected by stage of disease, whether they had taken aromatase inhibitor therapies (AI), and/or type of cancer treatments. Although my research realm is somewhat broad, considering I have done research on adolescent and older adults, my main research initiative is to create or evaluate intervention or preventative programs that assist cancer patients or survivors and their families. As a InCHIP Graduate Student Affiliate, I would have additional opportunities to research populations such as those with comorbid conditions that plague our society today, such as obesity and mental health concerns. Since many Americans live with one or more comorbid conditions that may exacerbate each other, it is imperative for researchers and clinicians alike to focus on the possibility of these occurrences to reduce relational side effects.


B.A. Psychology, University of Connecticut, 2013
M.A. Health Psychology, Central Connecticut State University, 2015

Featured Publications

Dibble, K.E., Maksut, J.L., Siembida, E.J., & Bellizzi, K.M. (2017). What about boys? Gardasil uptake barriers among adolescent boys, parents, and their physicians. (in progress)

Farrell, A., Randall, K., & Dibble, K. (2016). QRAFT measure. Journal of Community Psychology – Special Edition.

Bellizzi, K.M., & Dibble, K. (2017). Age and Gender: Gender Dynamics of Patient and Caregiver Pairs by Age. In Kim, L., & Loscalzo, M. (Eds.). Gender Issues in Psycho-Oncology (pp. not yet known). New York: NY: Oxford University Press.

Contact Information
Mailing Address348 Mansfield Road, U-1058
Storrs, CT 06269-1058