Karen Bullock, PhD, LCSW

Professor, North Carolina State University (Affiliate)

Department Head, School of Social Work

Research Overview

Dr. Bullock is clinically trained in mental health and aging. Her research interests include health care disparities among vulnerable populations and en-of-life care issues. Dr. Bullock received funding from the Project on Death in America (Soros Foundation) to develop end-of-life care resources for the dying and bereaved. Subsequently, she received a John A. Hartford Faculty Scholar award to explore racial differences in the use of palliative care between black and white hospitalized older adult patients. Currently, Dr. Bullock’s research is focused on comparing racial differences in end-of-life care for diverse patient populations.


Ph.D., Boston University, 2000 (sociology and social work)
M.S., Columbia University, 1992 (social work)
B.S.W., North Carolina State University, 1990 (social work)

Recent Publications


Featured Publications

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Contact Information
Mailing AddressNorth Carolina State University
School of Social Work
1911 Building, Room 217 - CB 7639
Raleigh, NC 27695