Justin Rush

Graduate Student

Department of Kinesiology

Research Interests

Over the last year I have been working on research involving the neuromuscular function after anterior cruciate ligament injury. I am interested in researching the general changes in the knee joint after injury along with the surrounding musculature. Also, I would like to investigate changes occurring within the brain after anterior cruciate ligament injury and reconstruction. I am currently working on a thesis where we are testing a device that influences transcranial direct current stimulation. We are using this device to target the motor cortex and increase function, activation, and strength in the quadriceps muscle group. I have previously worked on a critically appraised topic about ankle injuries and interventions and also have helped collect data for other experiments going on within the human performance lab. Also once I complete my certifications to work in the agricultural biotechnology laboratory to help with ongoing rat studies involving neural activity after the rats’ anterior cruciate ligaments have been torn.


Bachelor’s of Science 2017 Athletic Training, at Westfield State University

Contact Information