Justin Evanovich, PhD

Assistant Clinical Professor, Educational Leadership / Neag School of Education (Affiliate)

Managing Director, Husky Sport

Research Overview

Areas of engaged scholarship include sport-based youth development, campus-community partnerships, K-12 teacher preparation, diversity and equity in teaching and learning, and service-learning. Research has focused on individual level impacts of sport-based development programs with youth and the reciprocal impact of involvement with college student participants, as part of campus-community partnerships and service-learning programs aimed at enhancing health and wellness alongside participants.

Managing Director, with 10+ years involvement and co-investigator for USDA SNAP-Ed grant focusing on physical activity and nutrition education as part of Husky Sport’s campus-community partnership.

Team member on active InCHIP/Neag pilot grant to create and evaluate and develop a physical activity brain break, BrainErgizers™, to improve physical competency. As part of the current grant and as connected to my research experience in qualitative methodology and data collection, I am primarily responsible for introducing community-school based physical activity interventions, as well as individual interviews and focus groups with the students, teachers and school stakeholders.


University of Connecticut. Storrs, CT
BA 2004 — Sociology
MA 2006 — Sport Mgmt
PhD 2011 — Sport Mgmt/Sociology

Featured Publications

Dixon, M., McGarry, J.E. & Evanovich, J.M. (2017). Community and Youth Sport. In Contemporary Sport Management, 6th edition. Pedersen, P & Thibault, L., editors.

Fuller, R.D., McGarry, J.E., Coble, C.J, Evanovich, J.M., & Zastoupil, G. (2017). Lessons Learned: Action Research in a Campus-Community Partnership. In Research Methods Case Studies. Sage Publications.

Fidler J, McLaughlin P, Bubela D, Scarneo SE, McGarry J, Evanovich J, DiStefano L, et al. (2016) An Exploration of the Relationship of Body Mass Index with Motor Performance Measures and Quality of Life in Children Living in an Urban Setting. J Child Obes 1: 20.

Fuller, R.D., Evanovich, J.M., Bruening, J.E., Welty Peachey, J. A, Coble, C.J, Percy, V.E, Maldouangdock, J., Corral, M. (2015). The impact of a sport-based service learning course on participants’ attitudes, intentions and action toward social change. Journal of Intercollegiate Sport, 8, 14-26.

Bruening, J.E., Welty Peachey, J.A., Evanovich, J.M., Fuller, R.D., Chung, M., Percy, V.E., Silverstein, L.A., & Coble, C.M. (2015). Managing sport for social change: The effects of intentional design and structure in a sport-based service learning initiative. Sport Management Review, 18 (1), 69–85.

Bruening, J. E, Cotrufo, R. A., Fuller, R. D, Madsen, R. M, Evanovich, J. M., & Wilson-Hill, D. E (2014). Applying intergroup contact theory to the sport management classroom. Sport Management Education Journal.

Bruening, J.E, Madsen, R.M., Evanovich, J.M & Fuller, R.D. (2010) Discovery, Integration, Application and Teaching: Service Learning through Sport and Physical Activity. Sport Management Education Journal, 4(1), 31-48.

Contact Information
Mailing AddressNeag School of Education
294 Glenbrook Road
Storrs, CT 06269