Julia Simon

Graduate Student, Allied Health Sciences (Affiliate)

Research Overview

As a Registered Dietitian, my interests include obesity prevention, weight maintenance, and the promotion of healthy eating. I work closely with Dr. Pouran Faghri as an assistant to her position as Director of the Center for Environmental Health and Health Promotion at Uconn. I am also a student in Dr. Amy Gorin’s obesity prevention research class, working in a group who are starting a ‘mindful eating via social networking’ campaign across the Uconn campus this spring.


Bachelor of Science in Dietetics – Michigan State University – 2012

Featured Publications

Shanley, E.L. et al. Do Changes in National School Lunch Program Impact School Lunch Participation? A Case Study from Connecticut. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Volume 114, Issue 9, A96. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jand.2014.06.330

Contact Information