Jordan McMillan

Graduate Student, Sociology (Affiliate)

Research Overview

I am broadly interested in the relationship between class and inequality and health outcomes and health behavior. More specifically I am interested in how economic cycles impact objective measures of health, and how social class impacts the utilization of complementary and alternative medicine. I have a number of projects on which I am working that I will continue as an InCHIP affiliate. I am involved in a project that examines the impact of the Great Recession on a number of objective health measures. I am also working on a project which examines the effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act for women and minorities, conditional on whether their states voted to expand Medicaid. I am finishing a project which examines the changes in sociodemographic determinants of vaccine refusal between 2001 and 2014.


Bachelor of Social Work, 2008, University of South Alabama
Master of Social Work, 2010, University of Alabama
Master of Sociology, 2015, University of Connecticut

Featured Publications

Hughey, Matthew M., Jordan Rees, Devon Goss and Emma Lesser. Forthcoming.
“Making Microaggressions: An Experimental Vignette Study on the
Presence, Prediction and Power of Racial Microaggressions.” Sociological

Contact Information
Mailing AddressSociology Department
344 Mansfield Way, Unit 1068
Storrs, CT 06269