Johanna deLeyer-Tiarks

Graduate Student, School Psychology (Affiliate)

Research Overview

My research interests include: School, Developmental, Behavioral, and Social Psychology; Learning and Cognition; Minority Stress; Discrimination; Intersectional Identities; Deaf Community Studies; Gender-Role Theory; and Queer Theory. I am currently working on a research project in collaboration with Hartford Consortium for Higher Education (HCHE), a Hartford based nonprofit, to identify discrepancies in experiences between LGBTQ and heterosexual high school aged students during the high school to college transition. I am also working on research under the advising of Melissa Bray on the usefulness of video self modeling, a derivative of Bandura’s theory on social modeling, as an effective treatment for stuttering. This fall I will begin research in collaboration with with University of Tennessee on writing instruction for deaf and hard of hearing students. In the past I have been involved with research in the areas of child psychology and social psychological phenomenon. I plan to continue my research endeavors throughout my time at UConn.


University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
Masters of Arts, School Psychology, May 2017 M.A., May 2019 6th Year (Projected)
Track: M.A./6th Year

Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT
Masters of Science, Applied Psychology, August 2015
Concentration: Community Systems
Masters Thesis: “Perceptions of Similarly Aged and Age Discrepant Heterosexual Couples”

Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT
Bachelor of Science, Psychology, May 2014
Concentration: Child Psychology
Thesis: “Behaviors Associated with Preschoolers’ Mental State Understanding”

Featured Publications

Bushman, R., Caminiti, N., Gwilliam, L., Novis, M., & Tiarks, J.M. (2014). Compliance, a film about a real-life Milgram experiment. Academic Exchange Quarterly, 19(3).

Maykel, C., Bray, M., & deLeyer-Tiarks, J.M. (2017). Academic stress: What is the problem and what can parents and educators do to help? Submitted for publication. University of Connecticut

Contact Information
Mailing AddressSchool Psychology/NEAG School of Education
Charles B. Gentry Bldg
249 Glenbrook Rd
Storrs, CT 06269