JiangHong Li, MD, MS

Senior Research Associate, Institute for Community Research (Affiliate)

Research Overview

Dr. Li’s primary research interest areas are substance abuse and HIV/AIDS risks and prevention, community based participatory research, translation and implementation science, substance use risk and mental health among Asian American youth. She is the Principal Investigator of a hidden population sampling methodology study that examine social network and peer recruitment dynamics when respondent driven sampling is implemented among IDUs, as well as a study focused on sociocultural factors of syringe sharing and other HIV risk behavior among Chinese injection drug users. In addition, she has also been the Co-Investigator and/or statistician of 11 other NIH funded social behavioral research studies on substance abuse, HIV prevention, and community based multi-level intervention studies. Through these research studies, Dr. Li has developed methodology expertise in the area of social network analysis, system dynamics modeling, integration of quantitative and qualitative method, hidden population recruitment and sampling, developing and evaluate complex multi-level intervention programs.


MD & MPH, West China University of Medical Sciences, 1991 (Preventive Medicine and Health Education)

Msc, State University of New York at Buffalo, 2000 (Social and Community Epidemiology)

Featured Publications

1. Margaret Weeks, JiangHong Li, Susu Liao, Qingning Zhang,Jenifer Dunn, Yu Wang, Jingmei Jiang. Multilevel Dynamic Systems Affecting Introduction of HIV/STI Prevention Innovations among Chinese Women in Sex-work Establishments. Health Education and Behavior. 2013. 40(1S) 111S-122S. DOI: 10.1177/1090198113490723

2. Margaret Weeks, Maryann Abbott, Helena Hilario, Kim Radda, Zahira Medina, Mary Prince, Jianghong Li, Clair Kaplan. Engaging Community to Develop Multilevel Interventions Promoting Female Condoms for HIV Prevention: Preliminary Outcomes of a Community Action and Advocacy Board. Health Education Research. 2013 28: 375-391. PMID: 124272320. PMC477997

3. Margaret Weeks, Emil Coman, Helena Hilario, Jianghong Li, Maryann Abbott. Initial and Sustained Female Condom Use among Low Income Urban U.S. Women. Journal of Women’s Health. Journal of Women’s Health (Larchmt). 2013 Jan; 22(1):26-36. Epub 2012 Dec 31. PMID: 23276188. PMC3546362.

4. JiangHong Li, Margaret Weeks, Stephen P. Borgatti, Scott Clair, Julia Dickson-Gomez. A Social Network Approach to Demonstrate the Diffusion and Change Process of Intervention from Peer Health Advocates to the Drug Using Community. Substance Use and Misuse. Special issue. 47(5): 474-490, 2012. PMID: 22428816. PMC474105

5. Susu Liao, Margaret Weeks, Yanhong Wang, Fei Li, Jingmeii Jiang, JiangHong Li, XiaoMei Zeng, Bin He, Jennifer Dunn. Female Condom Use in the Rural Sex Industry in China: Analysis of Users and Non-users at Post-Intervention Surveys. AIDS Care 23 (sup1): 66-74, 2011. PMC3117276

6. Mark Convey, Julia Dickson-Gomez, Margaret R. Weeks , JiangHong Li. Altruism and Peer-led HIV Prevention Targeting Heroin and Cocaine Users. Qualitative Health Research 21: 1273-1282. September 1, 2011. PMID: 19326208. PMC2883050

7. Julia Dickson-Gomez, Margaret Weeks, Mark Convey, JiangHong Li. Social psychological dynamics of enhanced HIV risk reduction among peer interventionists. Journal of Community Psychology. Vol 39 (4), 369-389, May 2011

8. Margaret Weeks, Li, JiangHong Li, Emil Coman, Maryann Abbott, Laurie Sylla, Michelle Corbett, Julia Dickson-Gomez. (2010) Multi-level social influences on female condom use and adoption among urban United States women. AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 24(5): 297-309. PMID: 20438372. PMC2933558.

9. Margaret Weeks, Susu Liao, Fei Li, JiangHong Li, Jennifer Dunn, Bin He, Qiya He, Weiping Feng, Yanhong Wang. Challenges, Strategies and Lessons Learned from a Participatory Community Intervention Study to Promote Female Condoms among Rural Sex Workers in Southern China. AIDS Education and Prevention. CBPR Theme Issue. 22 (3), 252-271, 2010. PMID: 20528132. PMC2896264

10. Margaret R. Weeks, Mark Convey, Julia Dickson-Gomez, Jianghong Li, Kim Radda, Maria Martinez, Eduardo Robles. Changing Drug Users’ Risk Environments: Peer Health Advocates as Multi-level Community Change Agents. American Journal of Community Psychology special issue. J. Schensul and E. TRickett eds. Vol. 43 (3), P330, 2009. PMID: 19326208. PMC2883050

11. Margaret Weeks , JiangHong Li, Julia Dickson-Gomez, Mark Convey, Maria Martinez, Kim Radda, Scott Clair. Outcomes of a Peer HIV Prevention Program with Injection Drug and Crack Users: The Risk Avoidance Partnership. Substance Use and Misuse. Vol. 44(2): 253 – 281. January 2009. PMCID: 19142824. PMC2896279

12. JiangHong Li. Research Ethics and Safety Issues Faced by Anthropologists in HIV/AIDS Prevention Research. Guangxi University of Nationality Academic Journal. Vol. 28 (3): 14-20. May 2006

13. Peng Lin, Xiaobing Fu, Jianghong Li, et al. Characters of Drug Use and Sexual Behaviors among Injection Drug Users in Guangdong Province. Chinese Journal Of AIDS and STD. Vol12(2): 117-120. Apr 2006

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15. JiangHong Li, Atif B. Awad, Carol S. Fink, Yow-Wu Bill Wu, Lyn Hill, Maurizio Trevisian, Paola Muti. Measurement Variability of Plasma alph-Sitosterol and Campesterol, Two New Biomarkers for Cancer Prevention. European Journal of Cancer Prevention. 2001, 10 (245-249).

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