Jeremiah Weinstock, PhD

Assistant Professor, Saint Louis University (Affiliate)

Research Overview

Dr. Weinstock conducts research that addresses the difficulties in helping people with addictions make positive and meaningful changes in their lives. His work focuses on developing and refining interventions for addictive behaviors and addictions such as pathological gambling, hazardous drinking and substance use disorders in a variety of populations (e.g., HIV+ individuals, college students, adults from the community).

Presently, he is developing an interdisciplinary line of research investigating the use of exercise as an intervention for hazardous drinking and substance use disorders. Previously, Dr. Weinstock has investigated the use on contingency management, a behavioral intervention that offers tangible rewards for completion of target behaviors, in a variety of drug treatment settings and investigating factors related in the initiation of behavior change. Furthermore, he has examined the use of brief interventions, including motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioral therapy for pathological gambling in both college students and adult populations.


Brandeis University, B.A. – Psychology 1996
University of Memphis, M.S. – Psychology 2002
University of Memphis, Ph.D. – Clinical Psychology 2004

Recent Publications

Contact Information
Mailing AddressSaint Louis University
Department of Psychology
Shannon Hall, Room 208
3511 Laclede Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63103-2010