Jeffrey Vanderploeg, PhD

President and Chief Executive Officer of the Child Health and Development Institute (Affiliate)

Research Overview

My work focuses on developing, implementing and evaluating effective policies, systems, and practices for the prevention and treatment of mental health conditions among children and adolescents, and their families. As President and Chief Executive Officer of the Child Health and Development Institute (CHDI), I oversee all children’s mental health initiatives which are currently organized in three areas: 1) School Mental Health; 2) Evidence Based Practices; and 3) Trauma-Informed Care. In each area, we coordinate the implementation of large statewide initiatives and also collect applied research and evaluation data to document the effectiveness of the work in clinical and community settings. Current projects across these areas include serving as the Coordinating Center for the implementation of statewide models including Emergency Mobile Psychiatric Services (EMPS), the School Based Diversion Initiative (, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) and the Modular Approach to Therapy with Children with Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and Conduct Problems (MATCH-ADTC). For each initiative, we have extensive data from practice settings involved in the work. In addition, I’m actively engaged in statewide policy and system development and participate on a number of statewide committees and task forces. In partial fulfillment of PA 13-178 and on behalf of DCF, I was the lead author on the Children’s Behavioral Health Plan ( which lays out a blueprint for the ongoing development of the CT children’s behavioral health system. I also co-chair the Children’s Quality, Access and Policy Subcommittee of the CT Behavioral Health Partnership.


B.A. Calvin College (1999, Psychology)
M.A. Bowling Green State University (2003, Clinical Psychology)
Ph.D. Bowling Green State University (2005, Clinical Psychology)
Predoctoral Fellowship, Yale University School of Medicine, Dept. of Psychiatry (2004-2005)
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Yale University School of Medicine, Dept. of Psychiatry (2005-2007)

Featured Publications

Vanderploeg, J. Lu, J., Marshall, T., & Stevens, K. (under review). Mobile Crisis Services for Children and Families: Advancing a Community-Based Model in Connecticut. Manuscript submitted to Child & Youth Care Forum.

Hanson, K.E., Saul, D.H., Vanderploeg, J.J., Adnopoz, J., & Painter, M. (2015). Family-Based Recovery: An Innovative Substance Abuse Treatment Model for Families with Young Children. Child Welfare, 94(4), 161-183.

Roberst, Y.H., Bory, C., Franks, R.P., Lang, J., & Vanderploeg, J.J. (January 2013). The Newtown Tragedy and Connecticut’s Trauma-Informed Response. APA Division 37, Section on Child Maltreatment Newsletter.

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Contact Information
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