Jeff Volek, PhD, RD

Professor, Human Sciences Administration, Ohio State University (Affiliate)

Research Overview

My primary area of research is focused on physiological adaptations to low carbohydrate diets with emphasis on outcomes related to metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. I primarily use prospective diet and/or exercise interventions and use sophisticated cellular techniques to understand changes in adiposity, fatty acid and lipoprotein metabolism, inflammation, vascular function, and endocrine adaptations. Our recent studies have suggested a shift in our understanding of the role of dietary carbohydrate restriction. Long considered primarily a stratagem for weight loss, reduction in dietary carbohydrate is now understood to lead to improvements in metabolic syndrome and other cardiac risk factors, even in the absence of weight loss and frequently even in the presence of higher levels of saturated fat. In collaboration with Genomas, a Hartford based genetic company, we are using genetic techniques to better understand how to personalize diets. Another major area of research has been in the general area of sports nutrition including studies evaluating a wide range of dietary supplements on exercise performance and overall health. We currently have multiple projects evaluating novel health benefits of whey protein.


Ph.D., Penn State University, 1999 (exercise physiology and nutrition)
M.S., Penn State University, 1995 (exercise science)
B.S., Michigan State University, 1991 (dietetics)

Recent Publications

Contact Information
Mailing AddressOhio State University
Human Sciences Administration
Phys Activ & Educ Srvs Bldg
305 W 17th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210