Harold Lee

Doctoral Student, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Brown University (Affiliate)

Research Overview

I am interested in physical activity habit formation and maintenance. I am also interested in investigating the impact of physical activity on cognitive ability and social capital. In terms of academic discipline, I am interested in evolutionary psychology, behavioral economics, contingency management, positive psychology, and moral psychology.

While I was an InCHIP graduate affiliate, I examined the genetic variants and physical activity phenotypes in FAMuSS project. Learning the genetic/neural influence on obesogenic behavior (e.g. eating and exercising), and being involved in InCHIP projects that uses behavioral interventions called contingency management (HAPI and REVEMP), my interest in behavioral science grew. I worked at UCONN Health as a clinical research assistant on smoke cessation study using contingency management at Calhoun Cardiology Center (Behavioral Health).


B.S. (2010) Sports Science, Seoul National University
M.S. (2013) Kinesiology (Exercise Physiology/Genetics), University of Connecticut
M.A.P.P. (2014) Positive Psychology, University of Pennsylvania

Featured Publications

Harold Lee, Garrett I. Ash, Theodore J. Angelopoulos, Paul M. Gordon, Niall M. Moyna, Paul S. Visich, Robert F. Zoeller, Heather Gordish-Dressman, , Ved Deshpande, Ming-Hui Chen, Paul D. Thompson, Eric P. Hoffman, Joseph M. Devaney, and Linda S. Pescatello. Obesity-Related Genetic Variants and their Associations with Physical Activity. Sports Medicine – Open (Springer)

Contact Information
Mailing AddressDepartment of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Brown University School of Public Health
Box G-S121-2
Providence, RI 02912