Hao-Jan Luh

Graduate Student, School Psychology (Affiliate)

Research Overview

My current research interests are implementation science and resilience. More specifically, I am interested in how to support teachers to implement intervention and prevention programs for students as well as how treatment integrity plays a role in educational research and practice. I am also interested in the promotion of resilience among students, which leads to my current research work on social emotional learning programs. In addition to my current research work, I am working with my advisor, Dr. Lisa Sanetti, on multiple projects, including “Ecological momentary assessment (EMA) of teachers’ implementation of school-wide behavioral supports” and “Systematic Review of Implementation Data in the Intervention Outcome Literature”. These projects seek to assess and promote treatment integrity of evidence-based practices in educational settings. I also used to work on projects with researchers at the University of Washington, such as the Second Step project that examines the Second Step, a social emotional learning program, on students’ academic and behavioral performance. Prior to studying in the U.S., I participated in research projects across e-learning, social psychology, and social work as a research assistant, in which I gained experience in research across fields.


2009, B.S., National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
2016, M.Ed., Learning Sciences and Human Development, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
2017, M.A., School Psychology, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT

Contact Information
Mailing AddressEducational Psychology
Charles B. Gentry Bldg
249 Glenbrook Rd #3064
Storrs, CT06269