Gregory Panza

Graduate Student, Kinesiology (Affiliate)

Research Overview

My research interests include the effect of exercise on cardiovascular health, the effects of statins on muscle strength, cognitive function, and physical activity habits as well as exercise as an intervention for individuals at risk for or diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia. Current InCHIP projects that I am involved with include: The Influence of Cardiorespiratory Fitness on Firefighter Cardiovascular Health Under Conditions of Heavy Physical Exertion (FIT and FIRED UP) under principle investigator Dr. Linda Pescatello and GRIP, examining the effects of isometric handgrip on blood pressure. I have also taken the lead on a project entitled: The Effect of CrossFit on Cardiovascular Health Parameters in Novice CrossFit Adults which seeks to investigate the effects of CrossFit on cardiovascular health parameters under Principle Investigator Dr. Beth Taylor. These projects are in collaboration with Dr. Beth Taylor (UConn, Hartford Hospital), Dr. Paul Thompson (Hartford Hospital) and major advisor Dr. Linda Pescatello, (UConn).

During my previous involvement with InCHIP as a Master’s student, I was the project coordinator for an NIH funded clinical trial investigating the effects of physical activity on college drinking habits. During this time, I also assisted in other various research studies and mentored several undergraduate researchers at InCHIP.


2015 – Current
PhD – University of Connecticut, Kinesiology

2011 University of Connecticut
M.A. – Kinesiology

Central Connecticut State University
B.S. – Physical Education and Human Performance

Featured Publications

Zaleski AL, Panza GA, Swales H, Arora P, Newton-Cheh C, Thomas Wang T, Paul D. Thompson PD and Taylor BA. High-Dose vs. Low-Dose Vitamin D Supplementation and Arterial Stiffness Among Individuals with Prehypertension and Vitamin D Deficiency. Disease Markers. (In Press).

Panza GA, Taylor BA, Thompson PD, Erhard L, Capizzi JA, Grimaldi AS, Clarkson PM, Cole SM, Chipkin S, Keadle J, White CM, Pescatello LS. The Effect of Atorvastatin on Habitual Physical Activity among Healthy Adults. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 2015. (In Press)

Zaleski AL, Ballard KD, Pescatello LS, Panza GA, Kupchak BR, Dada MR, Roman W, Thompson PD, Taylor BA. The Effect of Compression Socks Worn During a Marathon on Hemostatic Balance. Phys Sportsmed. 2015. (In press)

Panza GA, Taylor BA, Zaleski AL, Thompson PD (2015). An Update on the Boston Marathon as a Research Laboratory. The Physician and Sportsmedicine. (In Press)

Panza GA, Taylor BA, Dada MR, Thompson PD (2015). Changes in Muscle Strength in Individuals with Statin-induced Myopathy: A Summary of Three Investigations. Journal of Clinical Lipidology. 9(3), 351-6.

Panza GA, Taylor BA, Roman W, Thompson PD (2014). Changes in muscle strength in patients with statin myalgia. American Journal of Cardiology. 114(8), 1215-1216.

Melnyk JA, Panza GA, Zaleski AL, Taylor BA (2015). The ASK Project: Awareness and Knowledge of Cardiovascular Risk through Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Testing in College Freshmen. Am J Health Educ. 46:138-143.

Taylor BA, Panza G, Pescatello LS, Chipkin S, Gipe D, Shao W, White CM, Thompson PD (2014). Serum PCSK9 Levels Distinguish Individuals Who Do Not Respond to High-Dose Statin Therapy with the Expected Reduction in LDL-C. Journal of Lipids.140723.

Panza GA, Weinstock J, Ash GI, Pescatello LS (2012). Psychometric Evaluation of the Timeline Followback for Exercise among College Students. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 13(6), 779-788.

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