Garry Welch, PhD

Senior Research Scientist, InCHIP (Affiliate)

Research Overview

I am interested in developing patient assessments, interventions, and clinical decision support tools to improve the medical and psychosocial outcomes for patients with chronic diseases and particularly improve medication management through telehealth and a strong behavioral medicine approach based on Social Cognitive Theory. My clinical research focus has been principally in Type 2 diabetes and weight loss surgery focusing on post surgery behavior change and coping skills that can impact weight loss outcomes. I have explored the benefit of clinical behavior change skills training for diabetes clinicians (Motivational Interviewing) and focused much of my work in safety net clinics serving urban poor communities. More recently have become very interested in extending the clinical application and evidence base for an exciting new brief therapeutic approach involving a standard protocol of eye movements used for sensatation management and negative image reprogramming for patients suffering from PTSD, other traumas, and a range of anxiety conditions in brief procedural (not talk therapy) sessions. This approach uses normal REM sleep eye movement mechanisms and related memory reprocessing capacities to quickly reduce negative physical sensations and remove or replace negative scenes and images of trauma or anxiety bothersome to the client. Several published clinical trials for ART used in military PTSD context have demonstrated its superiority to standard treatments (exposure, CBT and it is being adopted in those settings. I would like to develop a series of additional ART treatment protocols specifically for GAD, Eating disorders, simple phobias, psychogenic seizures, and fibromyalgia for which front line clinicians report success and test these head to head with traditional therapies.


BSc Zoology 1976 Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand (NZ)
BA(Hons) 1980 Victoria University, Wellington, NZ
MA 1983 Victoria University, Wellington, NZ
PhD 1988 Wellington School of Medicine, Otago University, Wellington, NZ

Recent Publications

Contact Information
Mailing Address11 Northmoor Road
West Hartford, CT 06117