Faquir Jain, PhD

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering (Affiliate)

Research Overview

General topic of interest include (1) Development of Si platform to integrate implantable biosensors, powering electronics and optical transceivers for wireless communication links., and (2) Quantum dot based electronics and photonic devices including lasers, solar cells for advanced computers and communications systems.

As an InCHIP affiliate projects related to metabolites (e.g. Diabetes and Obesity) and protein sensing will be carried out. Work on developing a fault-tolerant algorithm for automatic dispensing of therapeutic drugs will be pursued.

Current project include NSF, NIH and US Army supported glucose and obesity related work with F. Papadimtrakopoulos and Diane Burgess, and Jim Rusling. Other funding is from NUWC and industry to develop photonic systems.


Ph.D. 1973 UConn, Electrical Engineering, Major Electrophysics and Electronics/Materials science

Recent Publications

Contact Information
Mailing AddressElectrical and Computer Engineering
370 Fairfield Way, Unit 4157
Storrs, CT 06269-4157