Emma Zuk

Graduate Student

Department of Kinesiology

Research Interests

My research interests include field studies with adolescent athletes as well as the general population. Throughout the last year, I have invested time in researching physical literacy in youth populations in an attempt to grasp global health concepts in affluent as well as poor communities. Understanding where the youth population is lacking in physical literacy will help to understand where to make change. In the future I will continue to work on understanding biomechanics in youth populations to encourage an overall healthy lifestyle and physical activity past adolescence. I also have an interest in sport specialization and encouraging . I am hoping to continue research that demonstrates the importance of participating in multiple sports as a child matures.


BS in Athletic Training from High Point University in 2017

Recent Publications

Nguyen A, Zuk EF, Baellow AL, Pfile KR, DiStefano LJ, Boling MC. Longitudinal changes in lower extremity strength and range of motion in female youth soccer players. Journal of Sports Rehabilitation. 2016. Epub ahead of print

Ford KR, Nguyen A, Dischiavi SL, Hegedus EJ, Zuk EF, Taylor JB. An evidence-based review of hip focused neuromuscular exercise interventions to address dynamic lower extremity valgus. Open Access J Sports Med. 2015; 6: 291-303.

Emma Zuk
Contact Information
Phone(781) 812-5224