Elizabeth Brownell, PhD

Perinatal Epidemiologist, Neonatology Division, Pediatrics, School of Medicine, CCMC (Affiliate)

Director of the Connecticut Human Milk Research Center

Research Overview

I am a Perinatal Epidemiologist at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, and the Founder and Director of the Connecticut Human Milk Research Center. The overarching objective of the Connecticut Human Milk Research Center is to: further understand the relationship between human milk intake in premature newborns and their growth, development and health status. I oversee the three research arms used to achieve our umbrella objective: 1.) a prospective NICU-specific clinical nutrition database (data since 8/1/2010); 2.) a human milk analyzer that measures the macronutrient (protein, fat and carbohydrate) and energy content of human milk; and most recently, 3.) a wet lab dedicated to the biochemical analysis of human milk, including a human milk biorepository.


BA: St Lawrence University; 1999; Anthropology and History
MA: University of Wales, Lampeter (UK); 2002; Social Anthropology
PhD: University of Rochester SOM; 2012; Epidemiology

Recent Publications

Contact Information
Mailing AddressConnecticut Children's Medical Center
282 Washington St.
Hartford, CT 06106