Danielle Annett, PhD

Associate Director, Center for Applied Research in Human Development, Human Development and Family Studies (Affiliate)

Research Overview

My professional interests include closing the research to practice gap in order to best position educators and policy-makers to cultivate opportunities for youth, regardless of zip code, while empowering youth and their families to access opportunity. We are in the process of funding the Connecticut Youth Opportunity Consortium in order to work to keep youth engaged in school through design research driven by the needs of our local communities creating natural opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and service-based learning. Our work in local communities now is providing evidence that this approach works and breaks down barriers between research and practice. We are also working toward funding affiliates at the university in order to provide program consultation and evaluation support to our valuable community members free of charge in order to mobilize their efforts toward improving opportunities for youth.


B.A. in Psychology, 2001, University of Central Florida
M.A. in School Psychology, 2006, Fairfield University
C.A.S. in School Psychology, 2007, Fairfield University
Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, 2015

Featured Publications

Annett – Rathey, D (2018). Skillstreaming the Adolescent: Lesson Plans and Activities. Research Press.

Annett – Rathey, D (2018). Program Evaluation from Scratch: An Everyday Cookbook. Research Press.

Annett, D. (2017). Trying, choice, social conformity and pride. Journal on Perspectives on Urban Education, 14(1).

Annett, D. (2017). Crumbling walls, peeling paint and high achievement orientation. Alternative facts or truth? Manuscript under review.

Annett, D. (2017). Counselors leading creative collaboration toward improvement of student outcomes in an urban high school. Manuscript under review.

Annett, D. (2015). School Counselor Social Advocacy Behaviors: Understanding,
Relating, and Predicting Counselors’ Attitudes, Supports, and Engagement. Doctoral Dissertations. Paper 881.

Contact Information
Mailing Address843 Bolton Road
Unit 1117
Storrs, CT 06269