Christianne M. Eason

Graduate Student, Kinesiology (Affiliate)

Research Overview

Based on my own experiences with work-life balance issues and burnout my research focus is primarily retention and professional commitment of athletic trainers. My main area of interest is looking at the impact of role models and mentors on the career aspirations of athletic trainers, particularly females. We know that women are leaving our profession around the age of 28. It concerns me when I sit in on classes with our undergraduate students here at UCONN and they talk about what they are going to do in 5 or 10 years when they are done being an athletic trainer. You do not see that in any other health care profession. I want to know why our students don’t think that athletic training is a sustainable career and what we can do to keep good, hard working athletic trainers in our profession. As a sports management major I am able to draw on many theories from the management world to investigate athletic training through a different lense. This research expands out to examine novice and seasoned clinicians alike. This fall I will begin piloting testing my dissertation that is aiming to create a multi-level model of factors that may contribute to the work satisfaction and intention to leave the profession.


2006, Athletic Training, University of Connecticut, BS
2008, Nutrition and Physical Activity, James Madison University, MS

Featured Publications

Mazerolle SM, Eason CM. Practical Recommendations for Enhancing Work-Life Balance of Athletic Trainers in the College and University Setting. International Journal of Athletic Therapy and Training. 19(3), 26-31 2014

Mazerolle SM, Eason CM. Work-Life Balance: A perspective from the Athletic Trainer Employed in the NCAA Division I Setting. Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics, 6, 236-248. 2013

Mazerolle SM, Ferraro EM, Eason CM, Goodman A. Factors and Strategies Contributing to the Work-Life Balance of Female Athletic Trainers Employed in the NCAA Division I Setting. Athletic Training and Sports Health Care, 5(5), 211-222. 2013

Mazerolle SM, Eason CM, Ferraro,EM, Goodman A. Career and Family Aspirations of Female Athletic Trainers Employed in the NCAA Division I Setting. Journal of Athletic Training. Accepted November 15, 2013, In Press

Eason CM, Mazerolle SM, Goodman A. Motherhood and Work-Life Balance in the Division I setting: Impact of Mentors on the Female Athletic Trainer. Journal of Athletic Training. Accepted April 2, 2013, In Press

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