Anne Oeldorf-Hirsch, PhD

Assistant Professor, Communication (Affiliate)

Research Overview

(1) Generally I am interested in the processes and outcomes of information sharing in online social networks, which includes disclosure of personal information on social networking sites, seeking information from others (i.e., asking questions) online, and sharing external content such as news stories. (2) The current project I am working on that is related specifically to the work of InCHIP is in the area of mHealth, focusing on the use of mobile health apps for sharing diet and exercise activity. My colleagues and I are currently launching a survey about the ways in which individuals use these apps as well as the predictors and outcomes of their use, which will lead to a series of experiments on the health outcomes of health app use. My particular focus within this project is on the effects of sharing diet and exercise activity with one’s network and the effects of the feedback they may receive. (3) Other projects I am working on here at UConn include several experimental studies on how people route questions between social networks and search engines and how best to find answers to questions from their online social networks, the effects of using online social networking sites to share news stories on engagement in current events, and the effects of disclosure of embarrassing personal information by a friend on a social networking site on that individual’s feelings and sense of online identity. (4) Given that my work focuses more on the affordances of social technology such as how online social networks and smartphone communication apps affect interpersonal communication and information sharing, I am interested in collaborating with researchers who have a specific interest in health so that together we can assess the impacts of these technologies on particular mental or physical health outcomes.


PhD, 2011, Mass Communications, Pennsylvania State University
BA, 2005, Psychology, Portland State University

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