Anna Young

Graduate Student


Research Overview

I am interested in studying the use of new communication technologies to communicate health information, as well as the impact of health-related information obtained from media on decision making about health-related topics ( e.g. the use of birth control, COVID-19 vaccine, flu vaccine).
I am currently working on a study that explores and compares how non-health-related factors (knowledge, media freedom, media trust, digital divide, trust to government institutions, etc. ) impact attitude toward COVID-19 vaccine and decision to get vaccinated in Ukraine and the U.S.
I worked on projects exploring the quality and bias in birth control information returned by Google Search engine. I also looked at the impact of virality on trust to health-related information published on social media websites. Finally, I was studying the factors impacting believes about HIV and people diagnosed with HIV in Ukraine.


2012 Master of Science – Journalism, Quinnipiac University; Hamden, CT

2010 Master of Arts – Journalism, National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy; Kyiv, Ukraine

2008 Bachelor of Science – Journalism, National Taras Shevchenko University; Kyiv, Ukrain

Recent/Selected Publications

Young, A., Lachlan, K., and Young, R. (2020). OK, Google, Tell me about Birth Control. Sentiment Analysis of Anti- and Pro- Birth control Headlines and Snippets. Journal of Communication Technology. (accepted for publication).

Roman, N., Young, A., and Perkins, S. (2020). Displaced and Invisible: Ukrainian Refugee Crisis Coverage in the US, UK, Ukrainian, and Russian Newspapers. Negotiation and Conflict Management Research,

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