Anjana Bhat, PhD

Associate Professor, University of Delaware (Affiliate)

Research Overview

The focus of my research is to study the developmental changes in motor coordination of infants at risk for developmental disorders, for example, infants born preterm and infant siblings of children with autism. We also examine how motor coordination deficits contribute to a child’s cognitive and social communication impairments. Infants are observed during different play contexts such as spontaneous play, object play, and social play within the first year of life and follow-up outcomes are obtained in the second year. Infants’ patterns of motor coordination are assessed using behavioral coding and quantitative tools such as kinematic and dynamic analyses. Specifically, we study upper-limb and lower-limb coordination of infants’ spontaneous limb movements as well as purposeful movements during associative learning, reaching and object exploration, and ambulation. The two overall goals of this work are: a) to provide research evidence to the current practices in the field of early intervention and pediatric rehabilitation, and b) to develop novel techniques for early detection and treatment of at-risk infants.

Another focus of my research is to study the motor coordination of young and older children with developmental disorders such as children born preterm or children with autism. Through this work, we hope to understand the underlying perceptuo-motor processes that lead to fine-motor and gross-motor coordination problems in young and older children. This work would ultimately inform and influence a clinician’s assessment and treatment approach to solving motor coordination problems.


Ph.D., University of Delaware, 2005 (Biomechanics and Movement Science)
M.S., University of Mumbai-India, 1999 (Physical Therapy)
B.S., University of Mumbai-India, 1996 (Physical Therapy)

Recent Publications

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Mailing AddressDepartment of Physical Therapy
University of Delaware
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