Andrew M. Cislo, PhD

Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, UConn Health (Affiliate)

Research Overview

My research interests include health disparities, health services research, mental illness and substance use disorders. I am currently PI on a pilot study investigating the feasibility and effectiveness of a bidirectional text messaging intervention designed to improve adherence to treatment for major depression. I am also leading an evaluation of a group therapy intervention for inmates with behavioral disorders. I continue to analyze data concerning mental illness, health care utilization, and recidivism among the justice-involved from a supplement grant that I was previously awarded. I am hoping to rebuild a focus on Latina/o health into my research program.


Bachelor of Arts, 2001, philosophy, Northeastern Illinois University
Master of Science, 2006, sociology, Florida State University
Doctor of Philosophy, 2007, sociology, Florida State University

Featured Publications

Gayman, Mathew D., Andrew M. Cislo and Alexa Goidel. 2014. “Time-Clustered Deaths and Substance Use Disorder among Young Adults.” Stress and Health. DOI: 10.1002/smi.2569.

Rosen, David L., Dora M. Dumont, Andrew M Cislo, Bradley W Brockmann, Amy Traver and Josiah D Rich. 2014. “Medicaid Policies and Practices in US State Prison Systems.”American Journal of Public Health. 104:418 -42.

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Cislo, A.M., & Trestman, R., 2013. Challenges and solutions for conducting research in correctional settings: The U.S. experience, International Journal of Law and Psychiatry36 (2013) 304 -310.

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Swanson, Jeffrey, Richard A. Van Dorn, Marvin S. Swartz, Andrew M. Cislo, Christine M. Wilder, Lorna L. Moser and Allison R. Gilbert. 2010. “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: Did New York State’s Involuntary Outpatient Commitment Program Crowd out Voluntary Service Recipients?” Psychiatric Services, 61(10):988-995.

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Fulton, Bradley R., Perry Edelman, Daniel Kuhn, and Andrew M. Cislo. 2006. “Observing Quality of Life in Dementia (OQOLD): A New Tool for Improving Dementia Care Practice.” Seniors Housing and Care Journal, 14(1):79-84.

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Cislo, Andrew M. 1996. “Order Out of Disorder: The Vision of Heraclitus.” Humanity & Society, 20(1):19-40.

Contact Information
Mailing AddressUniversity of Connecticut Health Center
School of Medicine
195 Farmington Avenue
Suite 320, MC 6030
Farmington, CT 06032-6030