Andrea DePetris

Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology (Affiliate)

Research Overview

My research interests are health disparities, particularly as they affect African Americans’ physical and mental health. I previously conducted health disparity research at the Cambridge Health Alliance’s Center for Multicultural Mental Health Research. My latest research project explored the impact of racial discrimination and communalism on mental health outcomes among African Americans. My current research focuses on the mental health impact of having multiple devalued identities and experiences (having a mental illness and experiencing racial discrimination) among African Americans and Latinos. As part of my clinical and behavioral health intervention training, I currently work as the Primary Behavior Interventionist on a weight loss program developed by Dr. Bihuniak. As an InCHIP Graduate Student Affiliate I plan to work with Dr. Gorin on developing a proposal for a church-based weight loss intervention geared toward African American women. This research builds upon a church-based intervention for African American women that I developed in Dr. Faghri’s Program Planning and Heath Evaluation for Professionals course that I took in Fall, 2014. I also plan to work with Dr. Gorin on a manuscript pertaining to how mothers based in Hartford conceptualize their child’s weight and whom they prefer to seek weight management advice from.


Wesleyan University, 2010: Bachelor of Arts Degree, Major: Psychology, Area of Focus: Cultural Phenomenology

Featured Publications

DePetris, A., Cook, B. (2013). “Differences in diffusion of FDA antidepressant risk warnings across racial-ethnic groups.” Psychiatric Services, 64(5), 466-471.

Contact Information
Mailing Address508 Storrs Road, Apt 4
Mansfield Center, CT 06250