Alysse Melville

Graduate Student, Social Work (Affiliate)

Research Overview

Broadly I am interested in the impact of early childhood trauma on physical, mental and socio-emotional health outcomes. I am currently planning to work on a project exploring the impact of early adversity on self-regulation of preschoolers, considering self-regulation as an important component of short and long-term socio-emotional health. I am interested in considering preschools as natural environments for targeted interventions to prevent maltreatment and support the socio-emotional health of at-risk children and families. Additionally, I have worked on two independent projects using a longitudinal dataset to explore the relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) from age 0-2 on adult health outcomes and to explore the link between family violence exposure and risk of suspension among elementary schoolers. I am also currently working as a research assistant on an mHealth project funded by InCHIP that is exploring the use of mHealth technology to promote health and manage chronic conditions among Cambodian Americans, and have done prior work exploring the impact of social isolation on health outcomes among Cambodian Americans.


2009, B.A. in Psychology, University of Connecticut
2013, M.S.W., University of Connecticut School of Social Work

Contact Information
Mailing AddressDepartment of Social Work
1798 Asylum Ave
West Hartford, CT 06117