Alison Marinelli

Graduate Student, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (Affiliate)

Research Overview

As a clinical and research audiologist in training with a hearing loss myself, I am invested in a patient’s experience with disability. Because I understand what it is to be an individual with a disability in a health care system, my research motivations are often grounded in improving audiologic care for patients with hearing loss. This perspective leads me to study factors associated with the well-being of hearing impaired individuals. I am currently exploring the phenomena of listening effort and listening related fatigue. The increased effort and vigilance that individuals with hearing loss put into understanding speech in complex listening environments can lead to increased levels of processing and fatigue. Understanding this phenomena more fully will lend to potential treatments and improvements in the hearing impaired individual’s condition. I am also currently studying and have completed projects on audiologic counseling and patient education, amplification and assistive device factors affecting individual well being and function, as well as psychosocial factors associated with hearing loss such as stigma and prejudice.


Bachelor of Arts with Honors; Conferred May 2012; Major: Human Services and Social Rehabilitation Studies, Concentration: Communication Sciences and Disorders; Assumption College

Featured Publications

Marinelli, A., Brackett, D. (2015 ASHA Convention) Audibility & acoustics of the grammatical markers of English for children With cochlear implants

Marinelli, A., Dilaj, K. (2015 ACI Symposium) Subjective Ratings of Performance: The impact on counseling recommendations.

Vasil-Dilaj, K., Cox, J., Marinelli, A. (2014 ACI Symposium) Optimizing cochlear Implant FM settings for today’s classrooms.

Marinelli, A., Cienkowski, K.M. (2014 ARA Institute) The impact of bisensory impairment on the hearing aid effect among older adults.

Marinelli, A. (2013, September 23). Sudden patient-audiologist terminations and the effect on the patient. Article posted to Advancing Audiologic Counseling.

Contact Information
Mailing AddressDepartment of Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences
850 Bolton Road, Unit 1085
Storrs, CT 02629-1085