Jun Yan, PhD

Associate Professor, Statistics (Affiliate)

Research Overview

Dr. Yan is interested in dynamic survival models, longitudinal data analysis, spatial statistics, estimating functions, extremes, statistical computing, big data analytics, and applications in public health, economics, and environmental sciences. He has been actively involved in research projects on public health surveillance, disease outbreak detection, alcoholism, cystic fibrosis, dental health, health disparity, and obesity. He is committed to making advanced statistical methods easily accessible to practitioners through open source, quality controlled statistical software packages.


Ph.D., 2003, Statistics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
M.A., 1998, Economics, University of Miami, Miami, FL
M.Econ., 1996, Statistics, Renmin University of China, Beijing, China
B.Econ., 1993, Statistics, Renmin University of China, Beijing, China

Featured Publications

1. Chiou, S., Kang, S., and Yan, J. (2013+): Fast accelerated failure time modeling for case-cohort data. Statistics and Computing. Forthcoming.
2. Pozdnyakov, V., Meyer, T., Wang, Y., and Yan, J. (2013+): On modeling animal movement using Brownian motion with measurement error. Ecology. Forthcoming.
3. Yan, J., Chen, Y., Lawrence-Apfel, K., Ortega, I. M., Pozdnyakoc, V., Williams, S., and Meyer, T. (2013+): A
moving-resting process with an embedded Brownian motion for animal movements. Population Ecology. Forthcoming.
4. Prates, M. O., Aseltine, R. H., Dey, D. K., and Yan, J. (2013): Assessing intervention efficacy on high risk drinkers using generalized linear mixed models with a new class of link functions. Biometrical Journal 55(6): 912-924.
5. Wang, X., Chen, M.-H., and Yan, J. (2013): Bayesian dynamic regression model for interval censored data.
Lifetime Data Analysis 19(3): 297-316.
6. Wang, X., Ma, S., and Yan, J. (2013): Augmented estimating equations for semiparametric panel count regression with informative observation times and censoring time. Statistica Sinica 23(1): 359-381.
7. Wang, X. and Yan, J. (2013): Practical notes on multivariate modeling based on elliptical copulas. Journal of the French Statistical Society 154(1): 102-115.
8. Yan, J., Aseltine, R., and Harel, O. (2013): Comparing regression coefficients between nested models for clustered data with generalized estimating equations. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics 38(2): 172-189.

Contact Information
Mailing AddressDepartment of Statistics
215 Glenbrook Road, Unit 4120
Storrs, CT 06269-4120