Yin Wu

Graduate Student, Kinesiology (Affiliate)

Research Overview

My research interests are related to exercise prescription for special population, specifically for older adults. I am planning to work on series of projects related to Tai Chi for balance improvement as an InCHIP Graduate Student Affiliate. The first step is a systematic review on Tai Chi interventions on balance improvement for older adults. The second project will be using the results from the systematic review as pilot data to build an intervention study investigating how to tailor Tai Chi exercise for the purpose of balance improvement. Most related to the projects I am planning to do at InCHIP, I have worked as a Tai Chi instructor in Georgia State University and taught wheel chair Tai Chi in several assistance living centers in Atlanta and investigated how did practicing Tai Chi affect several physiological health outcomes. My master’s thesis was a meta-analysis on how does Tai Chi exercise affect cognitive functions of older adults, and it was published in 2013. I have also worked on several projects related on-line education at Uconn.


BS, Pharmaceutical Science, China Pharmaceutical University, 2009

MA, Gerontology, Georgia State University, 2012

Featured Publications

Wu Y, Wang Y, Burgess O, Elisabeth, Wu J. The effects of tai chi exercise on cognitive function in older adults: A meta-analysis. Journal of Sport and Health Science. 2013;2(4):193-203.

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