Non-UConn Researchers

What is InCHIP?

InCHIP is an interdisciplinary research institute focused on fostering collaborative and innovative research in the areas of health and health behavior. InCHIP researchers have conducted projects across a wide array of public health issues, including nutrition and obesity, cancer, substance use, medication adherence, and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.

InCHIP provides a connection to a wide network of researchers and projects in the areas of health and health behavior. Any researcher focusing on these issues, including researchers outside of UConn, can become affiliated with InCHIP (the InCHIP Affiliate Application can be found here). Members of the InCHIP Affiliate network can work with Boundary Spanners to find researchers at UConn working in particular areas, join the Listservs and Research Interest Groups (RIGs) hosted by InCHIP, and attend many of the events organized by InCHIP. More information about these opportunities can be found below.

InCHIP Opportunities for Non-UConn Researchers

  • Become an InCHIP Affiliate
  • Talk to a Boundary Spanner about finding collaborators at UConn
  • Join a Research Interest Group:

    InCHIP Lecture Series and Events

    Through the Lecture Series, InCHIP brings distinguished speakers from across the world to UConn to present lectures and workshops to the entire UConn community. InCHIP regularly hosts workshops, networking events, and trainings across a wide range of topics.

    Upcoming Lectures and Events:

    • 4/23InCHIP Intervention Workshop: Lisa Butler
    • 4/26InCHIP Lecture Series: William Fisher
    • 4/26InCHIP Intervention Workshop: William Fisher
    • 4/30Webinar on NIH Funding Priorities in HIV Research
    • 5/7“K” Career Development Award Seminar
    • 5/11Community-Academic Networking Event
    • 5/152018 Summer Graduate Fellowships Writing Institute
    • 5/17UConn Center for mHealth and Social Media Conference
    • 5/222018 Summer Graduate Fellowships Writing Institute