Mind Body Health Research Interest Group

The Mind-Body Health (MBH) Research Interest Group is an interdisciplinary research collective that was established five years ago (2015) with a mission of furthering education, research, clinical/practical application, and community outreach with focus on the emerging  potential connections between the Mind and Body. The MBH executive board consists of Drs. Melissa Bray, Mary Guerrera, Ana Verissimo, and Sandra Bushmich, and members include students, faculty and staff from across the University of Connecticut Health Center, Student Health and Wellness Services, University of Connecticut Hartford Campus, the Neag School of Education, the College of Agriculture, Health, and Human Resources, University of Connecticut Operations and Information Management, and Counseling and Mental Health Services. Non-UConn partners include the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Copper Beech Institute, and Root Success Solutions™ LLC.


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Melissa A. Bray, Ph.D


University of Connecticut School Psychology Program


Mary P. Guerra, M.D

Professor Emeritus

University of Connecticut Department of Family Medicine


Sandra Bushmich, D.V.M.

Associate Dean for Academic Programs

University of Connecticut College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources


Ana Maria Verissimo, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Department of Pain and Palliative Medicine
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center