Instructions for CHIP Lecture Series Q&A Forum

This page outlines instructions for using the Q&A Forum feature in the live webcast of CHIP Lectures. This feature allows remote viewers to submit questions to the speaker in real time. The question will be received, moderated, batched, and relayed to the speaker at an appropriate time during the lecture. If selected, your question will be answered by the speaker verbally during his/her talk.

These instructions assume that you have already opened the webcast window for the current talk; to do so, visit the current semester CHIP Lecture schedule and click on the “Webstream Link” button for the selected talk.

1. Click on the speech bubble icon in the lower right corner of your webcast window. The icon is indicated with the large red arrow in the screenshot below.


2. A box will pop up (see screenshot below), prompting you to enter your name, email, subject, and message. Please complete all fields, and clearly state your question in the “message” field. Then click the “Ask Question” button to submit your question.


3. Once your question has been successfully submitted, the following confirmation message will appear. Click “OK.”


4. If you have any difficulties with this system, you may email, but a response is unlikely during the immediate lecture. We apologize in advance and will follow up after the lecture.