Lecture Series Archive

Below is a list of all archived lectures. Lecture materials and videos can be viewed by request, please email lectureseries@chip.uconn.edu with the date and title of the lecture.

Date Speaker Lecture Title
4/20/2017 Cluver, Lucie Social Welfare or Cash Incentives: Can Benefits or Bribery Stop Adolescent HIV in Africa
4/6/2017 Earl, Allison Racial Disparities in Attention to HIV-Prevention Information: Causes and Consequences for Health Promotion
3/23/2017 Fortinsky, Richard Testing In-Home Interventions to Improve Health Outcomes for Older Adults with Cognitive Vulnerability and their Families
3/9/2017 Rotheram-Borus, Mary Implementing scalable HIV prevention interventions for women and adolescents in South Africa and the US
3/2/2017 Osborn, Chandra The One Drop app with In-app Coaching Engages, Empowers, and Improves Health Outcomes
2/23/2017 Thomas, J. Digital Health Technology for the Assessment and Treatment of Obesity and Related Behaviors
1/26/2017 Bull, Sheana Innovations in Technology for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention: The mHealth Impact Lab
11/17/2016 Brown, Richard Physician-Patient Communication Research in the Oncology Health Care Setting
11/10/2016 Dunkel-Schetter, Chris Maternal Stress and Anxiety Before Birth: Consequences and Mechanisms
10/20/2016 Maibach, Edward TV weathercasters as local climate change educators: From exploratory research to national network in 5 years
9/29/2016 Laubenbacher, Reinhard Quantitative Approaches to Healthcare Across Scales
9/15/2016 Arnal, Rafael Promoting Sexual Health in Spain
9/8/2016 Epstein, Leonard Reinforcement Pathology and Obesity.
4/28/2016 Wagner, Julie Diabetes, Culture and Mental Health in Vulnerable Populations
4/14/2016 Intille, Stephen Measuring Behavior and Motivating Health Behavior Change Using Mobile Technology: Opportunities and (Difficult) Challenges
4/7/2016 Albarracin, Dolores Online Information and HIV in US Counties: Theory Testing and Prediction
4/4/2016 Fasano, Alessio Celiac Disease Genomic, Environmental, Microbiome and Metabolomic Study: A Paradigm of Multi-omics in Autoimmune Diseases
3/24/2016 Taveras, Elsie Improving Childhood Obesity Management – Learning & Applying Best Practices of Positive Outliers
3/10/2016 Noar, Seth The Impact of Cigarette Pack Warnings
2/25/2016 Chon, Ki Sensors and Wearable Devices for Vital Sign, Atrial Fibrillation and Underwater ECG Monitoring
2/18/2016 Smyth, Josh Real-time Ambulatory Assessment and Intervention
1/28/2016 Gidycz, Christine Sexual Violence: A Major Public Health Problem
1/21/2016 Pennebaker, James Current State of the Art About the Expressive Writing Methods & Health
12/3/2015 Amico, K. Rivet Facilitating Leadership and Organizational Change for Evidence-Based Practice Implementation
11/16/2015 Amico, K. Rivet Pre-exposure Prophylaxis: Research, Implementation & Advocacy
11/15/2015 Riddle, Melissa Funding for Behavioral and Social Research: Finding New Partners and Opportunities
10/15/2015 Stinson, Jennifer Improving Child Health Outcomes: Harnessing Electronic and Mobile Health Technologies
10/8/2015 Ammerman, Alice [Lecture] Heart Healthy Lenoir: A multi-level CVD risk reduction intervention in the stroke belt
10/8/2015 Ammerman, Alice [Workshop] Heart Healthy Lenoir: A multi-level CVD risk reduction intervention in the stroke belt
10/1/2015 Weist, Mark Interconnecting School Mental Health and Positive Behavior Support
9/24/2015 Tomiyama, Janet Stress, Eating, and Biobehavioral Effects of Low-Calorie Dieting
9/14/2015 Leventhal, Howard Modelling Health Behavior In Daily Life (CSM)
12/11/2014 Halkitis, Perry Aging with HIV: Lessons of the AIDS Generation
10/30/2014 Pachankis, John Hidden from health: Psychosocial correlates and intervention implications of sexual orientation concealment
10/23/2014 Albrecht, Terrance Reducing Cancer Health Disparities Using Community Engaged Research
10/16/2014 Pagoto, Sherry How Mobile Apps and Social Media May Revolutionize Health Behavior Change
10/16/2014 Pagoto, Sherry Using Social Media in Health Behavior Research
10/9/2014 Brody, Gene Gene-Environment Interplay, Health, and Some Thoughts about the Future
9/18/2014 Schensul, Stephen Multilevel Approaches to HIV/STI Prevention among Married Women in a Low Income Community in Mumbai, India
9/14/2014 Chapman, Audrey Core Health Obligations from the Perspectives of Human Rights and Public Health
5/6/2014 Hunter, Tim Unique Collaborations: Digital Media and Health
5/1/2014 Pescatello, Linda Why Don’t My Designer Jeans Fit? It’s Because of My Genes!
4/24/2014 Mangano, John Pixels, Patients and Prevention
4/17/2014 Mitchell, Suzanne Women in Control: virtual world diabetes self management education for African American women with DM
4/10/2014 Bickmore, Tim Automated Health Counselors for Underserved Populations
3/27/2014 Ferrer, Rebecca Affective Science Perspectives on Cancer Prevention and Control Decision-making
3/14/2014 Aspinwall, Lisa Genetic Testing and the Proactive Management of Familial Melanoma Risk
3/6/2014 Golub, Sarit Rethinking Risk: Psychological Perspectives on Biomedical HIV Prevention
2/27/2014 Duffy, Valerie Can we assess health behaviors by simply asking liking/disliking? Evidence from dietary-based studies
2/20/2014 Cameron, Linda The Self-Regulation of Health and Illness Behavior: Implications for Cancer Control
1/30/2014 Auerbach, Judith Social Science Perspectives on HIV Treatment as Prevention
12/5/2013 Schwartz, Marlene Improving Children’s Nutrition with Strategic Science
11/14/2013 Jorgensen, Randall A Biopsychosocial Synergistic Perspective of Cardiovascular Disease
11/7/2013 Hatzenbuehler, Mark Structural Stigma and the Health of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Populations
10/24/2013 Sundar, Shyam Emphasizing the Self in Health Communication: Message and Medium Factors
10/17/2013 Mustanski, Brian Translational Behavioral Science Research on Young Male Couples and Sexual Health: From Mechanisms to Interventions
10/10/2013 Whitt-Glover, Melicia It Takes a Village: Strategies for Changing Physical Activities in Communities
9/19/2013 Arndt, Jamie At the intersection of Self, Health, and Death: Implications from a terror management health model
9/12/2013 Parker, Beth Are Marathons Dangerous? Updates and Insights from the 2010-2012 Boston Marathon Studies
5/2/2013 Miller, Lynn Socially Optimized Learning in Virtual Environments (SOLVE): The Promise of Interactive and Intelligent Technologies for Reducing Risky Sexual Behaviors
4/25/2013 Stanton, Annette How and for Whom? Toward Developing Maximally Effective Psychosocial Interventions for Adults Living with Chronic Disease
4/18/2013 Faghri, Pouran Worksite Weight Loss Intervention Using Contingency Management of Financial Incentive for at Risk Employees
4/11/2013 Aldwin, Carolyn Healthy Aging: Is
4/4/2013 Oncken, Cheryl Behavioral and Pharmacological Treatments for Pregnant Smokers
3/28/2013 Rietmeijer, Kees Prevention Paradox: HIV Decline may lead to STI Increase
3/7/2013 Davidovich, Udi New realities in the prevention of HIV among MSM: the trials and tribulation of risk-reduction strategies other than condom use
2/21/2013 Trask, Peter In the Absence of Adherence: Identified Issues across the Cancer Continuum
2/7/2013 Wilson, Patrick Using a situational framework to understand mood, well-being, and HIV risk among ethnic minority MSM
1/31/2013 Bauermeister, Jose HIV/AIDS Disparities among Black and Latino YMSM in the Detroit Metro Area
12/6/2012 Lopez, Rigoberto Beverage Choice of U.S. Households: Determinants and Obesity Consequences
11/29/2012 Salazar, Juan Venereal Syphilis in Colombia: Where Immune-Biology Sets the Stage for the Uncontrolled Spread of the Disease
10/25/2012 Ross, Stephen New Research in Health Economics
10/18/2012 Krieger, Janice The Role of Uncertainty and Social Networks in Medical Decision-Making: Predicting Uptake of the HPV Vaccine
9/27/2012 Pettifor, Audrey Young Women & HIV Risk in Sub-Saharan Africa: Moving Beyond the Individual to Address Structural Drivers of the Epidemic
9/13/2012 Copenhaver, Michael Adapting Evidence-based interventions for Optimal Implementation with Drug Users
8/30/2012 Brownell, Kelly Is There the Courage to Change the American Diet?
5/3/2012 Bangsberg, David International Perspectives on Adherence to HIV Treatment and Prevention
4/26/2012 Pinkerton, Steven Cost-effectiveness of the Insite Supervised Injection Facility
4/12/2012 Hartman, Laura Poverty Alleviation through Innovation: Crashing our Mental Models
4/5/2012 Davidson, Karina A Randomized Controlled Trial of Depression Care for Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients
3/29/2012 Blissmer, Bryan Behavior Change for Cancer Prevention
3/1/2012 Ghosh, Debarchana New approaches to Broaden Interdisciplinary Health Research
2/23/2012 Deren, Sherry Research on Drug Use and HIV in NYC: Historical Trends and Future Directions
1/26/2012 Seacat, Jason Dynamic Assessment of Obesity-Related Stigmatization
12/8/2011 Carey, Kate Reducing Hazardous Drinking by College Students: Lessons Learned and Future Directions
12/1/2011 Rapkin, Bruce Designing for Collaboration: Putting Evidence-Based Prevention Strategies into Practice in Diverse Communities
11/17/2011 Fiellin, Lynn The Game of Science and the Science of a Game
11/10/2011 Garner, Lynne What is Next in Health Research Funding?
10/27/2011 Anderson, Daren Integrative Model of Care
10/13/2011 Sikkema, Kathleen Mental Health & HIV Prevention
10/6/2011 Krauss, Beatrice The Impact of HIV Interventions: What Have We Left Out
9/29/2011 Thompson, Paul Exercise & Statin Myopathy
9/22/2011 Jemmott, John Sexual Risk Reduction Through Behavioral Intervention with HIV Serodiscordant Couples: Project Eban
5/12/2011 DiClemente, Ralph Intensifying HIV/STD prevention intervention using brief, personalized telephone counseling: A randomized controlled supplemental treatment trial
5/5/2011 Stall, Ronald An Update on Syndemics Research among MSM
3/31/2011 White, C. Michael Comparative Effectiveness Reviews and Evidence-based Practice
3/17/2011 Danuta Kasprzyk, D. Montano Zimbabwe: A Decade of HIV Prevention Research
2/24/2011 Baranowski, Tom Serious Play: Videogames for Diet and Physical Activity Change.
2/17/2011 Friedman, Samuel Risk Networks, Group Sex and Other Risk
2/3/2011 Fifield, Judith Promoting Adoption of Healthy Lifestyle behaviors among African American Women in the Church: SisterTalk Hartford
12/9/2010 Lowe, Michael Self-control and the treatment of obesity: Should we ask obese individuals to change themselves or change their food environments?
12/2/2010 Cromley, Ellen GIS and Health Promotion
11/18/2010 Johnson, Mallory What’s Love Got to Do With It?Relationship Factors and HIV Treatment Adherence
11/11/2010 Rothman, Alexander How can We Capitalize on Connections between Theory and Practice? Perspectives from the Study of Behavior Change
11/4/2010 Harman, Jennifer Differences between perceived vulnerability and perceived risk: Implications for health theory and interventions
10/21/2010 Amaro, Hortensia The Boston Consortium Model on Integrated Addiction and Trauma Treatment
10/14/2010 Mann, Traci Will Dieting Cure the Obesity Epidemic
9/30/2010 Michie, Susan Advancing the science of Behavior Change
5/13/2010 Kiene, Susan Health Behavior Change Interventions during Routine Outpatient Clinical Care in Uganda: HIV Counseling, Testing, and Family Planning Interventions
5/6/2010 Ickovics, Jeannette Building Bridges: Community Interventions for Health
4/29/2010 Anderson, Peter Sun Safety on the Slopes: A Health Communication Campaign
4/22/2010 Wandersman, Abraham Promoting Science-based Approaches: Bridging Research and Practice by Integrating Research to Practice Models and Community-centered Models
4/15/2010 Davidovich, Udi Sexual Health and the Internet
4/1/2010 Kelly, Jeff HIV Prevention Interventions to Reach Hidden and High-Risk Social Neworks in the Community
3/4/2010 Robins, Ben Robots as therapeutic toys: Encouraging social interaction skills in children with autism
2/11/2010 Watt, James Avatars, Anonymity and Social Connection: Implications for Health Games and Health Communication
2/4/2010 Kaminer, Yifrah Youth High-Risk Behaviors from a Developmental Perspective: Barriers & Opportunities for Improved Intervention and Public Health Policies
1/21/2010 Buck, Ross Emotion and Reason in Safe Sex Communication and Warning: Implications for the Design of Interventions
12/10/2009 Kalichman, Seth HIV Does Not Cause AIDS and Why We Should be Concerned About AIDS Denialism
12/3/2009 El-Bassel, Nabila HIV Among Drug Users in Kazakhstan: Driving Forces and Implications for HIV Prevention and Treatment
11/19/2009 Grimshaw, Jeremy Building the Science of Knowledge Translation
11/12/2009 Latkin, Carl Social Network Approaches to HIV Prevention
10/15/2009 Blanton, Hart Early Applications of Deviance Regulation Theory to Norms-based Health Communications
10/8/2009 Redding, Colleen Tailored Population-based Interventions to Improve Sexual Health
10/1/2009 De Bruin, Marijn How Care Provided to Intervention and Control Groups Impacts Adherence Behavior and Clinical Outcomes in HIV: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
9/24/2009 Operario, Don AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children in South Africa: Intergenerational Health Risks
9/17/2009 Zimmerman, Rick Looking Back: Emerging Themes from HIV Prevention Work Thus Far
5/21/2009 Parsons, Jeffrey Motivational Interviewing Interventions for HIV and Drug/Alcohol Use: 10 Years of Lessons Learned
5/7/2009 Sarah Friedland, Gerald Friedland Carbohydrate Restriction Uniquely Targets the Features of Metabolic Syndrome
4/30/2009 Volek, Jeff Dietary
4/16/2009 Brown, Jane Growing Up Sexually in a Mediated World
3/26/2009 Rizzo, Albert Clinical Virtual Reality: A Brief Review of the Future
3/19/2009 Vanable, Peter Promoting Sexual Health and Stress Management Among HIV+ Men Who Have Sex with Men
2/19/2009 Puhl, Rebecca Weight Stigma in Health Care: Implications for Patients, Providers, and Public Health
2/5/2009 Economos, Christina Catalyzing Communities to Prevent Childhood Obesity
12/11/2008 Kershaw, Trace What’s Love (and Men) Got to Do with It: Pregnancy and HIV Prevention
11/20/2008 Coates, Thomas What Is Next in HIV Prevention?
11/13/2008 Brad Weinberg, Rajiv Kumar Shape Up Rhode Island
10/23/2008 O’Leary, Ann What Made the Intervention Work? Mediation Analyses of Three Intervention Studies
10/16/2008 Kegeles, Susan How Can our Research Make a Difference? Issues in Translating an Evidence-based HIV Prevention into Practice
10/2/2008 David Bauman, Colin Poitras Working with the Media: Publicizing Your Research Results and Expertise
9/11/2008 Exner, Theresa The Female Condom Revisited
5/29/2008 Yzer, Marco Health Attitude Formation as a Function of One’s Media Environment: A U.S.-Dutch Comparison
5/8/2008 L. Timms, M. Abrahamson Public Opinion Resources on Health Care Issues
5/1/2008 Mittman, Brian Frameworks for Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health: A Systematic Approach to Study Planning, Design, Conduct and Reporting
4/24/2008 Chesney, Margaret Behavioral Medicine Meets Complementary, Alternative and Integrative Medicine: Is There Common Ground?
4/10/2008 Mayer, Kenneth Antiretrovirals for Prevention: Lessons Learned and Emerging Questions
4/3/2008 Smith-McLallen, Aaron Measuring, Modeling, and Changing Social Normative Influences on Health Behaviors
3/27/2008 Feeley, Thomas Job Talk: Health Communication Interventions to Promote Organ and Tissue Donation
3/20/2008 Tate, Deb One Size Does Not Fit All: Alternatives to Clinic Based Behavioral Interventions for Obesity
3/6/2008 Barta, William Daily Diary Research Using Interactive Voice Response Technology
2/28/2008 Kraemer, William Physiology of Resistance Training: From Basic Science to Practical Applications
1/24/2008 Fortinsky, Richard Preventing Falls in the Older Population: Recent Efforts to Apply Evidence-based Practices to Community Settings
12/13/2007 Crepaz, Nicole Evidence-based Practice for HIV Prevention: Research Synthesis and Translation
12/6/2007 Gorin, Amy The Role of the Home Environment in Weight Control: Opportunities for Intervention
11/29/2007 Campbell, Marci Tailoring Colorectal Cancer Prevention Interventions for African American Communities
11/15/2007 Bing, Eric HIV Prevention in the Angolan Military
10/25/2007 Edgar, Tim Communication Skills Training in HIV Prevention Interventions: What Works?
10/18/2007 DiClemente, Ralph Promoting the Health of African American Women: The Continuum of HIV Prevention Intervention
9/20/2007 VanHeest, Jaci Act NOW? School Based Interventions for Overweight Children
9/6/2007 Johnson, Blair SHARP Takes on HIV Prevention: Meta-Analytic Efficacy Evidence
4/12/2007 Korzenny, Felipe The Multicultural Marketing Equation
4/5/2007 Atkin, Charles Effective Media Campaign Strategies to Prevent Drinking Problems
3/29/2007 Lerman, Caryn Smoking Cessation Research: From the Laboratory to Health Communication
3/22/2007 Osborn, Chandra Literacy Considerations in the Design of Health Behavior Change Interventions to Reduce Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities
3/15/2007 Cwikel, Julie Using Social Epidemiology to Look for Answers to the Global Epidemic in Trafficking of Women for Sex Work
3/1/2007 Blankenship, Kim Criminal Justice, Race, and HIV/AIDS
2/8/2007 Carey, Michael Sexual Risk Reduction for Patients at a Public STD Clinic
2/1/2007 Adams, Gregory Social Correlates of High Risk Behavior Among Registered Ukrainian Narcotic Addicts
1/25/2007 Walls, Theodore Models of Change and Stability for Intensive Longitudinal Data
12/5/2006 Kirby, Douglas Sex and HIV Education Programs for Youth: The Impact and Characteristics of Effective Programs
11/30/2006 Diamond, Sarah Use of Social Marketing, Branding, and Interactive Voice Response Technology in an Intervention with Urban Youth
11/16/2006 Holtgrave, David What Works and What Remains to be Done in HIV Prevention in the US
11/9/2006 Sherr, Lorraine HIV Testing: Issues, Challenges, and Consequences
10/26/2006 Copenhaver, Michael Moving Toward an Optimized Risk Reduction Intervention for Injection Drug Users
10/12/2006 Albrecht, Teri From the Social Psychology Lab to the Pediatric Oncology Clinic: Parental Empathic Concern and Childrens Reactions to Painful Cancer Treatments
9/26/2006 Petry, Nancy Problem Gambling: A Rising Concern in College Students?
9/7/2006 Lefebvre, R. Social Media, Social Marketing, and Behavior Change
6/1/2006 Stevens, Richard Light at Night: The Impact of Circadian Rhythms on Breast Cancer Incidence
5/18/2006 Yancey, Antronette Engaging Underserved Communities in Obesity Prevention and Control Interventions
5/11/2006 Jeffrey, Diana Health Disparity and Cancer Survivorship: Exploration of Uncharted Research
4/27/2006 Viswanath, Kasisomayajula Beyond Access: Communication Inequality and its Implications for Health Disparities
4/20/2006 Celentano, David NIMH Collaborative HIV/STD Prevention Trial in India
4/13/2006 Vernon, Sally Evidence-Based Interventions to Promote Cancer Screening
3/30/2006 Hartman, Douglas The Health Literacy Practices of Two African American Male Adolescents: Patterns and Implications
3/2/2006 Sorensen, Glorian Addressing Disparities in Cancer Prevention
2/23/2006 Astur, Robert Using Virtual Reality to Provide Insights into Psychiatric Illness
2/9/2006 Bryant, Kendall An Integrated Perspective on Alcohol and Adherence for People Living with HIV
1/26/2006 Gregorio, David Places Matter: Evaluating Geographic Distribution of Disease around Connecticut
12/8/2005 Stall, Ronald Health Disparities and Gay Men’s Health: Evidence from the Urban Men’s Health Study
12/1/2005 Halkitis, Perry Gay Culture and Behavior in the Third Decade of AIDS: The Emergence of Barebacking
11/17/2005 Abraham, Charles Developing and Testing Condom-Promoting Texts
11/10/2005 Marin, Barbara Cultural Issues in Behavior Change for Latinos: Smoking and HIV Prevention as Examples
11/3/2005 Milan, Stephanie Interpersonal Predictors of Depression Trajectories in Women with HIV
10/20/2005 Safren, Steven HIV Medication Adherence Interventions at Massachusetts General Hospital and Fenway Community Health
10/6/2005 Remien, Robert HIV Medication Adherence: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial and the Challenges of Achieving Optimal Adherence
9/29/2005 Erickson, Pamela The Social Context of Sexual Relationships among Inner City Youth in Hartford
9/15/2005 Storey, Douglas Pathways to Health Competence: Designing and Evaluating a National Reproductive Health Communication Program in Egypt
9/8/2005 Simon, Jon Economic Impacts and Social Responses: HIV/AIDS Effects on Rural Households in Kenya and Zimbabwe
5/12/2005 Altice, Frederick Rethinking Directly Administered Antiretroviral Therapy: Lessons Learned and Future Directions
4/28/2005 Chesney, Margaret Health Behaviors and Outcomes: Positive Lessons and New Directions
4/21/2005 Wagner, Julie Behavioral and Psychosocial Aspects of Diabetes
4/14/2005 Yang, Xiushi Migration, Gender, and HIV/STD Risk in Contemporary China
3/31/2005 Khoshnood, Kaveh Ethical Issues in Research Studies with Illicit Drug Users
3/24/2005 Pick, Susan Education in Mexico: Strategies for Advocacy
3/17/2005 Lewis, Jill Challenging Gender Issues: Centering the Gender Factor in HIV/AIDS Prevention
2/17/2005 Fulilove, Robert Health Disparities and the HIV Pandemic
2/3/2005 Schensul, Jean Ecstasy and Social Risk among Urban Youth
1/27/2005 Broadhead, Robert Improving the Peer-Driven Intervention Model to Prevent HIV among Injection Drug Users in Russia
12/9/2004 Albarracin, Dolores A Test of Major Assumptions about Behavior Change: A Comprehensive Look at HIV Prevention since the Beginning of the Epidemic
11/18/2004 Abu-Hasaballah, Khamis Medical Informatics: Promises and Pitfalls of New Technologies for Behavioral Research
11/4/2004 Simoni, Jane Assessing and Enhancing Antiretroviral Adherence: A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma
10/28/2004 Wolitski, Richard Does Sexual Explicitness Influence the Effectiveness of HIV Prevention Messages for Adult Gay and Bisexual Men?
10/21/2004 Rhodes, Jean Older and Wiser: Mentoring Relationships and Adolescent Health
10/14/2004 Perez-Escamilla, Rafael The Vertical Transmission of HIV through Breast Milk in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Public Health Quagmire
9/30/2004 Sikkema, Kathleen Group Intervention for Coping with Loss and Trauma among HIV-Positive Men and Women
9/23/2004 Wechsberg, Wendee Translating U.S. Research to South Africa with Cultural and Ethical Considerations: Learning Lessons from the Women-Focused HIV Prevention Project
9/9/2004 Singer, Merrill Intimate Partner Violence: Drug Use and HIV Risk among Women in Hartford
5/6/2004 Decker, Darrell CCfH: The Power to Visualize Change – Thirteen Years of Producing Grass Root Inspired Community Level Intervention Materials
5/4/2004 Bryan, Angela Alcohol Use and Sexual Risk: Developing an HIV/STD Intervention for Adolescents in Detention
4/29/2004 He, Zhixiong The Sex Industry in China: Past of the Present
4/28/2004 Larson, Bruce Family-Level Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS in Zambia
4/22/2004 Tennen, Howard Daily Processes in Health and Illness: Applications to Chronic Pain, Alcohol Use, Depression, Coping, and Clinical Trials
4/15/2004 Bangsberg, David Paradoxes of Adherence and Resistance to HIV Therapy
4/8/2004 Darrow, William Old Public Health, New Public Health, and No Public Health: The Short History of HIV Prevention in the United States of America
3/25/2004 Lawrence, Janet The Social Organization and Epidemiological Impact of Commercial Sex Work in Russia
3/13/2004 Hammett, Ted A Cross-Border HIV Prevention Project for Injection Drug Users in Northern Vietnam and Southern China
3/4/2004 Jarlais, Don Turning Around the Aircraft Carrier: Reversing High Seroprevalence HIV Epidemics
2/19/2004 O’Connell, Ann CBO Adoption and Adaptation Study: Agency Concerns Regarding Selection and Implementation of Effective Behavioral Interventions for HIV Prevention
2/12/2004 Park, Crystal Religion, Health, and Aging
12/4/2003 Ferris, Ann Chasing Anemia: The Complexity of Developing Intervention Programs for the Prevention and Treatment of the Iron-Deficiency Anemia of Urban Poverty in the U.S.
10/30/2003 Berrien, Virginia The Effects of RN Home Visiting on Pediatric Antiretroviral Medication Adherence
10/23/2003 Zimmerman, Rick A Program of HIV Prevention Research: Individual Differences, Models, and Interventions
10/10/2003 Smoak, Natalie The Effects of Romantic Relationship Commitment on Perceptions of Harm
10/9/2003 O’Leary, Ann A Public Health Collaboration Between the CDC and the Bold and the Beautiful
10/2/2003 Strickler, Zoe Communication Design and Behavior Change
9/15/2003 Arnsten, Julia Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence in HIV-Infected Drug Users
9/11/2003 Simbayi, Leickness The Nelson Mandela/HSRC Study of HIV/AIDS: South African National HIV Prevalence, Behavioral Risk, and Mass Media Household Survey
6/26/2003 Smith-McLallen, Aaron Implicit Attitudes and Risk in Sexual Decision-Making
6/18/2003 Kalichman, Seth Social and Behavioral Barriers to AIDS Prevention in South African Townships
6/12/2003 Kiene, Susan Cultural Beliefs as Barriers to HIV Risk Reduction Behaviors: Predicting Changes in Beliefs
6/5/2003 Lammi-Keefe, Carol Fish in the Diet of the Pregnant Woman: Evidence for Better Organized and Consolidated Sleep and a More Mature Central Nervous System in the Infant
5/19/2003 Parsons, Jeffrey How Much is Too Much? Sexual Compulsivity among Gay/Bisexual Men
5/15/2003 Cooper, M. Motivation Perspectives on Sexual Risk-Taking
4/25/2003 Woelk, Godfrey Sex and Alcohol in Harare: HIV Prevention in Zimbabwean Beerhalls
2/20/2003 Solomon, Suniti YRGCare: Shaping the Response to HIV/AIDS in India
1/30/2003 Altice, Frederick Provision of Directly Observed Therapy for HIV Infected Drug Users: Clinical and Research Considerations
12/5/2002 Agocha, V. Safer-Sex Decision Making: A Motivated Cognition Explanation
10/24/2002 Rosengard, Cynthia Adolescent Partner Type Experience: Psychosocial and Behavioral Differences
4/19/2002 Mody, Bella Macro-level and Organizational Influences on HIV-AIDS Policies in Developing Countries: Examples from India
4/11/2002 Starace, Fabrizio Adherence to Antiretroviral Medications: Mission Impossible?
3/28/2002 O’Reilly, Kevin Synthesizing and Modeling Effectiveness of Interventions for HIV Prevention and Care
3/14/2002 Tuldra, Albert Adherence to Antiretrovirals: Assessment and Intervention
1/1/2002 Palmer, Lou Building a Behavioral Program in a Medical Setting