InCHIP Ideas Lab Pilot Funding


UConn’s Institute for Collaboration on Health, Intervention, and Policy (InCHIP) is offering pilot funding for faculty and researchers at UConn Storrs, UConn Health, and the regional campuses who participate in the FY19 InCHIP Ideas Lab on June 4-5th, 2019. This funding is designed to support pilot projects that emerge from the FY19 Ideas Lab: Harnessing the Potential of Data-Rich Lives to Improve Health and Well-Being. We anticipated that nascent interdisciplinary teams will emerge from the Ideas Lab with research ideas that if nurtured and further developed can grow into a well-designed pilot study.

These pilot studies should be in line with the theme of the Ideas Lab, which focuses on the intersection, and application, of technology and data towards improving health. Please note that while the core team applying for funding must have formed during the Ideas Lab itself, we anticipate that additional team members who may not have attended the event may need to be added (e.g., topical experts, methodologists, etc.). Teams funded through this mechanism are expected to submit external grant applications that stem from this funding through InCHIP within one year of completing the pilot project.

For a complete description of this opportunity, please see the Funding Opportunity Announcement below.

  • Eligibility
    • UConn Primary Appointment: PIs must be full-time faculty whose primary appointment is at UConn/UConn Health. Investigators with primary appointments at CCMC, Jackson Labs, TIP companies, or other institutions are not eligible to lead projects, but they may be named as Co-PIs, collaborators, or consultants on an eligible PI’s project. Proposals that include external Co-PIs should be careful to describe how responsibility for the project will be divided between institutions, and ideally they will include cost-sharing commitments from external partners.
    • Effort and Salary: Although no minimum effort level is required for CAP projects, a UConn/UConn Health PI/Co-PI must have departmental research time available during the award period or address in the application how they will handle the time commitment required by the project. PIs/Co-PIs must each make significant and distinct intellectual contributions to the design and direction of the project. Generally speaking, CAP awards are only available to UConn/UConn Health tenure-track and clinical faculty. In residence faculty and research faculty are not eligible to apply as PI but can be named as Co-PIs, collaborators, or consultants on an eligible PI’s project.
    • Application Limits: Eligible faculty may only submit one proposal per year as PI or Co-PI. Investigators may serve as collaborator on multiple projects.
  • Important Dates
    1. FOA posted on Monday, June 3rd, 2019
    2. InCHIP Ideas Lab June 4-5th, 2019
    3. InCHIP Affiliate Application due by 11:59 PM EST Friday, June 21st 2019
    4. Full Proposals due by 11:59 PM EST Wednesday, July 31st, 2019
    5. Applicants notified of award decision August 2019
    6. Award period August 2019 – June 2021

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